Weekend Watch: See How Intricate Sugar Candies Are Made by Hand

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Weekend Watch: See How Intricate Sugar Candies Are Made by Hand


Candy is a magical thing. Not only is it a glorious experience as the sweetness melts in your mouth, often they’re a colorful treat for the eyes as well. This morning I found myself staring at video after video of the process of making these tiny candies with images embedded in them. While I’m sure there’s a machine somewhere that pumps them out, I enjoyed watching videos of people creating these intricate and delicate delicacies by hand.

I’ve included 7 videos below. I have to warn you, they’re all pretty much the same thing. However, I found myself so mesmerized by this process that I watched all 8 of these, as well as several others that I opted not to include. Enjoy these examples!


Here’s the basic process. There’s melted sugar with coloring and flavoring added. Some of it is aerated by being stretched, some isn’t. These different colors are then arranged into the desired shape, but it is really big. I was surprised at how large the starting design is. Then, they slowly stretch out the design, shrinking it down to the desired size. At this point, they simply cut it into pieces.

The video thumbnail looks like bacon, but I promise this is another little round image, in this case, a heart.

Piggie delights

It isn’t only pictures of adorable animals or fruit. You can make lettering as well!

Of course I had to include the obligatory “How It’s Made”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right?

Gotta catch ’em all!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. For some reason seeing the actual hand making process behind these really adds a lot of appreciation I didn’t have before. I know I’ll look at them differently next time I’m in the candy shop!



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