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There are so many lovely new on-line publications these days, and Anthology is a sweet new one. There are inspiring interiors aplenty in this one, but this entry on artist Christien Meindertsma caught my eye. I am all about big, chunky knits, and Christien brings this art form to another level. Using such large-scale pieces of yarn from an organic flock of sheep (new band name?) make the texture and patterns really tangible. Such beautiful work.

christien meindertsma XLknits.jpg


0 thoughts on “XL Chunky Knits

  1. Elvire Lisi says:

    bravo Meg !!!!! moi, j’adore…….

  2. Dolly Bradley says:

    Where can I find that thick yarns?? Hope u can tell me where get that kind of yarns?? Thks!