10 Sci-Fi Weapons that actually exist @ Wired’s Danger Room

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10 Sci-Fi Weapons that actually exist @ Wired’s Danger Room

Sure, the gear may look like it came straight out of Avatar or Battlestar Galactica. But all of the laser weapons, robots, sonic blasters and puke rays pictured here are real. Some of these weapons have already found their way onto the battlefield. If the rest of this sci-fi arsenal follows, war may soon be unrecognizable. Read on for a look at some of these futuristic weapons being tested today.

The Bedazzler is in there (a project I worked on in 2009, yay).

2 thoughts on “10 Sci-Fi Weapons that actually exist @ Wired’s Danger Room

  1. Maha says:

    Look at #2 ! So sexy.

    I’ve personally used #4, a great less-than-lethal system. #6 isn’t that big a deal, a more friendly flash-bang grenade. #10 is an interesting upgrade to the Avenger but i’ll bet Stingers probably still kill faster even with the travel time involved. They could probably get a beefier laser on there if they removed the close defense weapon (looks like an M2 or M242) and all that ammo storage. Right now it’s a mix of Projectile/Missile/Laser but not really dedicated to any one system. Still really cool though!

    BTW, did you see #2? So sexy. So small too! No reload mechanism on the M203 Grenade launchers though :/ Just one M203, an ammo hopper, and feeder would be awesome.

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