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Your Comments


And we’re back with our thirtieth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Robot Fish Scan For Pollution, TimeSpike says:

What happens when sharks start eating these?

In the piece on the A Bed that Makes Itself, Cory remarks:

Where’s the robot to pick the covers up off the ground? They obviously haven’t seen how I sleep!!

In response to Gauging Performance Between Compressed Air Rocket Mods, user JWC has a novel idea:

I made a mod on the launcher by attaching it to a small air compressor. The compressor maxes out at 100 psi, which is well below the pipe’s rating, so safety isn’t an issue any more than with the hand pump. The other nice things about this setup is (1) We can rapid-fire rockets without anyone getting tired and (2) if the air compressor isn’t attached the launcher won’t hold any pressure – which makes it a nice, visual safety.

In the piece RobotGrrl’s Heathkit Build Continues, glenn147 says:

Many Years Ago, in a Land Far, Far Away. This was the First Analog Meter, that I made at Home…

In the article Cool Superhydrophobic Surface Demos, user Michael Phelps writes:

How long before an olympic swimmer coats himself in that stuff before a key race?

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