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Welcome to the sixtieth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, Google+ Community, and Twitter.

In the article How To (or How Not To) Make a Coil Gun, caitlinsdad commented:

duly noted for the Darwin Award. If you are not having fun when Making, you just aren’t having fun.

In the piece How-To: Ice Globe Lanterns, John Maliga remarks:

Maybe you’re in Northern MN, but, when we lived in Minneapolis, a few hours of freezing at 10F or lower would result in a sphere with a solid surface and liquid core (like your update YouTube video). Crack a hole (we’ll call it the “top”), empty the liquid, and insert your candle or other illumination. No need for power tools or propane torches.

A neighbor created these every xmas eve and left one glowing at every house on the block. It was magical. In SoCal (Los Angeles) where I now live, the paper bag luminarias perform similar magic during celebrations.

On Google+, MAKE founder Dale Dougherty linked to the Salon article Will Computers Kill Gun Control? User MakerCult responded with:

Personally I think this all started as a publicity stunt. Print a gun and get a lot of press coverage.

It has worked too, but it has not all been positive coverage. The timing of other unfortunate events has drug this into the media like no one ever expected.

I think this has had more of a negative effect on 3D printing than it has on guns.

People don’t understand all of this either. “Print a gun” sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But you and I know better.

On the other hand I could build gun in my shop, without to much difficulty. I only have non-cnc machine tools and homemade foundry equipment. But that’s hard to make a short snappy headline out of, isn’t it.

So you won’t see guys like me in the news any time soon.

On Twitter we saw:
In the article Community for a Healthy Makerspace, mpinner remarked:

No joke. We found a meetup looking for a venue. we hosted and 70 robot club members showed up.

On MAKE’s Facebook page, Tim Murphy responded to the article Falconer’s Bubble Photography:

Double reflection!
What does it mean?!

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