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It has been about a week since we announced that we have partnered with Hackster.io for our new project hosting platform. During that time, many fantastic projects have started to roll in! Here’s a collection of the fun stuff that has appeared in the last few days.

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FEVPCGUGSSOZQ21.LARGE Geodesic Greenhouse – Richard Harris

Having built a 30 foot diameter dome before out of steel tubing I thought that there was a good possibility I could make a smaller  dome using some scrap wood I had left over from taking apart some old pallets.

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Magic Couldron – Ian McKay

A “Magic Cauldron” that detects spell casting and responds with dynamic lighting effects.

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Interactive Donation Box – Ian McKay

A robotic donation box that engages the donor and creates collaborative video art based on their donation.

Cover1 Z-Purse – James M. Drachenberg

this is a multi-part experimental purse-build designed so that the edges “stitch” together.





Vintage Intercom Echo – Nick Brewer

I picked up an old intercom from an antique mall in Austin for about $20 and turned it into a unique Amazon Echo.


Programmable Electric Vehicle(Arduino+TAMIYA) – Dahai Pon

Combine the Tamiya Bulldozer and an Arduino, and you can build a programable electric vehicle.

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Victorian Ticket Dispenser – Ian McKay

A coin operated dispenser for selling business card sized tickets. Created for a book launch, The Witches of New York.


DIY NFC  Bentwood Ring – Sean Hodgins

Make your own inexpensive(<$10) NFC ring out of wooden veneers!

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Launch a glider from a quadcopter – Donovan Magryta

How to use your R/C ‘copter to lift a glider up high and launch it!


Magical Monocle and Invisible Screen – Donovan Magryta

A physical key (or monocle) to the digital world. This could be useful for stages in geocaching, or high tech treasure hunts.


Arduino controlled RGB LED infinity mirror – Ben Finio

“This is my take on a combination of two classic projects: RGB LED control with an Arduino, and an Infinity Mirror.”

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Mini LED VU Meter Towers – Ben Finio

“This Instructable will give you complete directions to assemble the required circuit (even if you have no electronics experience — you can even do it without soldering), build two LED towers, and hook them up to an audio input so you can simultaneously drive them and listen to music.”


6 Years of My 3D Printing of Humanoid Robots Project and… – Team Avatar (Michael Leon Overstreet)

My 3D printing journey to create a DARwIn-OP Clone or My adventures in additive manufacturing.

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Build Harley Quinn’s Hammer – Tom Howbridge

Build your very own Harley Quinn Hammer that both looks the part and is enjoyable to make.

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Build your own simple IronMan Arc reactor –  Tom Howbridge

Amaze your friends with this easy to make an cool Iron man Arc reactor using readily available parts!

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Make your own Mjölnir – Thor’s Hammer –  Tom Howbridge

I used some steel pipe, square doug fir post, some metal clothes rail, and some burgundy nylon cord.

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Rapture Car – 許識孝

I found a way to make a toy car that can overcome gravity.

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DIY Palette Coaster – Alexey Yakushechkin

Today we will make palette coaster out of popsicle sticks.


Blinky! the cute red ghost – Kevin Soria Escobar

Red ghost, It’s Halloween! You know what that means? It is time to illuminate this dark night with some e-Textile!


Drachenberry Pi – James M. Drachenberg

Built my own GameBoy using Raspberry Pi and Adafruit components.


Data Diva: USB Earring or Charms – Carol Wang

You have something quite small that you want to carry around with you all the time, but really don’t want to lose. What should you do?


Light up Mjolnir – James M. Trachenberg

That feeling of magic and science is what I wanted to invoke when taking hold of this hammer and watching it light up. No visible plugs, switches, or any other indication of functionality thanks to inductive charging and reed switches.


Kid’s Electric Trike – Alexander Bernal

I built my older son a go-kart out of PVC pipe when he was around 9, and it was my middle son’s turn to get his electric vehicle.


A wild trainer hat appeared! – James M. Drachenberg

Be the very best with with your very own Trainer Hat.


Star Wars snow speeder – James M. Drachenberg

Upgraded a Snowspeeder (by Playskool) to fire missiles.


Strappy Key Chain – James M. Drachenberg

This project began when a buddy of mine sent me a link to his then-new keychain. My immediate thought: I could do that! And do that, I did.  Now you can too!


Designing laser cut shapes in Inkscape for precise fit – Carol Wang

How to design laser cut shapes with interlocking and inset pieces using Inkscape.


Lit house number sign – Alexander Bernal

My house was in need of a number sign. It only had the painted curb number, and it was hard to see. I wanted the new sign to be visible at night, so I thought it would be interesting to re-purpose some solar powered garden lights for this project.


Drachenberg USB drive – James M. Drachenberg

Universal Serial Bus? More like Ultimate Sword Blade!


Emergency charger – James M. Drachenberg

Tired of your phone running out of juice when you can’t reach an outlet?


Steampunk Retro Remote Control (aka ‘The Brick’) – Michael Greensmith

Most remote controls look pretty much the same, they serve a purpose… they could look good too.


Arduino Uno mini weather station – Igor Fonseca Albuquerque

This is the first generation of my Arduino based mini-weather station with wi-fi connection, which is able to post data publicly online.

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DIY Chisel Rack – Warren Downes

Learn Woodworking and make this easy DIY Chisel Rack, ideal beginners woodworking project and handy for the experienced woodworker to work with their hand tools.

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How to build a cheap workbench for woodworking – Warren Downes

This workbench was built for a little over $100 and can be made in a weekend, the joinery technique is simple and shows several options for joinery.


DIY cotton boll stems – Kate Auclair

Instead of paying crazy prices for something so simple as a branch, I decided to create my own from everyday items found in my home!

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