5 new MAKE AUDIO shows

iTunes just updated, so now you can get 5 new interviews from our DEFCON coverage. There’s an interview with Jason Scott, of Textfiles.com and who is also the director of the amazing new film THE BBS DOCUMENTARY. There’s an interview with Flexilis, a world record attempt on reading RFID tags from a distance. (The end result was a bit over 69 feet on top of the roof of DEFCON.) There’s an interview with one of the MAKERs of the “Bloodhound” gun, a low cost “gun” made from a Pocket PC and some off the shelf parts that can find rouge Wireless access points. There’s also an interview with one of the MAKERs who created the KegBot! It’s a linux-based beer dispensing / tracking system. And there’s an interview with Janus wireless and their 5 Wi-Fi card packet capturing Linux box. These are all “enhanced podcasts” with images and URLs! Click here and click SUBSCRIBE.

0 thoughts on “5 new MAKE AUDIO shows

  1. Kiler says:

    Well, your magazine started out cool and now you had to ruin it by teaming up with the establishment and make us install iTunes just to listen to an mp3 file. What is the deal here? I hope you do not continue to sell out. I like the concept of the magazine and I would hate to see it turn in to this. Please post the mp3 file to allow everyone else to listen to it. This is make magazine, we can figure out how to listen to it without using iTunes.

  2. philliptorrone says:

    i’ll post the mp3s too, i’m trying out the itunes enhanced podcast feature(s). a lot of people really like the one click subscriptions, and we can send out video and PDFs via itunes, works on macs and pcs- so we’re experimenting.

  3. kkennedy says:

    While not intending to sound quite as strong as the above comment, I concur with his main point. The m4bs are jazzy and all…but not everyone uses iPods or iTunes, and even most iPod users don’t have iPod Photos (though you can view the stuff in iTunes directly…that kinda defeats the purpose of “carry it anywhere” podcast goodness). I am able to listen to them on my desktop (via xine)…but I have to transcode the m4bs to get them on my MP3 player.

    I realize that the pics are fun and all…but please don’t switch to m4b-only podcasts. That would…um…suck. *grin*

  4. kkennedy says:

    Saw your comment, Phillip…good to hear the mp3s will be up to. Have fun experimenting!

  5. philliptorrone says:

    we’re not switching to one format, i just haven’t had time to do multiple formats and i’ve been interested in experimenting with itunes since we can send out a lot of media files. the m4b files can be played on any ipod clickwheel and are bookmarkable, that’s why a lot of folks like the format. ideally, i’d have ogg, mp3 and m4b each run.

  6. philliptorrone says:

    here you go, a zip file with all the defcon mp3s. they’re not in the rss feed (yet) but they’re all in there.



  7. kkennedy says:

    Dude…the zip file rocks! Thanks, Phillip!

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