5 Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss at World Maker Faire New York

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Maker Faire is full of wonderful things that people have built, and you can really get a feel for those things from pictures online. However, one aspect of the faire that you really need to be there for are the incredible talks that happen on the stages at Maker Faire. There is everything from tutorials on how to make something cool to heartfelt recollections of how making has changed lives. We don’t always film talks and publish them online, so actually being there to see them and hear them is a real treat.


Here are the list of talks I’m most eager to see at World Maker Faire in New York. You can find the entire schedule here.


What are you going to wear? with Jingwen Zhu

I’m excited to see this one because Jingwen’s stuff has strayed a bit from simply putting LEDs into clothes. In the image above you can see interesting displays of color and fading. This should be interesting!

What do you want to wear in the future? Join e-textiles designer and technologist, Jingwen Zhu, in a discussion about the future of garment design and her own practices of creating expressive e-textiles.

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John Park’s Mystery Boxes

Always fun to watch John explain what he’s building. I find this series to be especially interesting as the project mix aesthetic with electronics and puzzles.

Maker pro John Park will showcase some of his most popular Mystery Box projects from his video series on Adafruit. Check out this behind-the-scenes view of magic illusions, escape room puzzles, and stage props.

Anatomy of a Micro Drone with Amber Lee

I’ve seen these things zipping around so much that I have gotten pretty used to them. However, I’ve never put much thought into what considerations people are putting into their design. This should be enlightening.

Are you interested in making your own microdrone but not sure of where to start? Let’s walk through the anatomy of a micro drone from frame to battery, and explain the different features and options for building your own little drone!

Body Talk with Anouk Wipprecht and Tiffany Trenda

Anouk and Tiffany both do fascinating work. Their designs meld organic, mechanical, and electronic in mind-bending ways. I’ll have to see this one for sure.

Anouk Wipprecht and Tiffany Trenda in conversation about their work which explores the body and its relationship between inside and outside, between self and other, and between intimacy and technology

Make With Python with Tony DiCola

Micropython and Circuitpython are popping up in all the new products coming from Adafruit. I’m eager to hear Tony explain how to take advantage of this to make awesome stuff.

Learn about exciting maker hardware that can be easily programmed with the beginner-friendly Python programming language. See demos of Python code controlling lights, sensors, and more and get inspired to make your next great project with Python-powered hardware.

All of these, and many more presentations will be happening the weekend of September 23 and 24th. Get your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the awesome stuff that will be happening!

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