A different kind of lock pick

Dean’s Copper Multi-Tool – [via] Link

8 thoughts on “A different kind of lock pick

  1. Dean_P says:

    Hey, this is my project! A friend from home saw me on here and told me about this.

    The link you’ve provided was to handle the overflow when I exceeded my bandwidth yesterday. My official site and original post is here:


    Check out the rest of my site and leave me some comments! I’d love to hear from you!

  2. frammis says:

    Creative, but certainly not new. It’s commonly called a “jimmie” and was probably invented the first time a car was locked with the windows rolled up.

    And, it’s not exactly a multi-tool. It’s more of a mono-tool.

  3. dragonphyre says:

    It’s not a lockpick!

  4. ktekx says:

    Yeah, it’s called a “bypass tool” since you are essentially bypassing the lock. I’ve used these long ago, but interesting to people who may not be aware of these things. There are many other types of bypass tools that exploit different vulnerabilities in doors (such as peepholes or door latches).

    They are actually very effective because of building regulations require certain amount of space under the door and ability to open from the inside regardless of it being locked or not (fire safety).

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