A PAC for geeks?

A PAC for geeks?

Introducing Syn/Ack Pac, a Political Action Committee for “SysAdmins, Tinkerers, CodeMonkeys, Makers, Technologists, Warranty Voiders, and Geeks of all types.”

Why Do Geeks Need a PAC?
Non-profit groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge and many others do a great job evangelizing, lobbying, and litigating on our behalf. But as non profits, they’re unable to particpate in the political process. That political void is what SYN/ACK PAC seeks to fill, bolstering the efforts of our non profit friends with our participation in campaigns and elections, we’ll make sure we elect members of Congress who will represent our beliefs.

Sign up for the announcement list here.

6 thoughts on “A PAC for geeks?

  1. Bob D says:

    I believe you mean you’ll lobby for and vote for members of Congress. I can’t imagine you have the power to elect a member of Congress!

    1. Stunmonkey says:

      Silly, you don’t elect Congressmen, nowadays they take care of getting into office themselves. You usually just rent (or purchase) the ones that do get into office once they are there.

      Much easier to just lease existing ones than to try and stuff your own into office. That went out some time ago, just too messy and not as cost-effective.

      Seriously though, This PAC should at least look at leasing a few though, or maybe rent-to-own until they get more established.

  2. Ben Stanfield says:

    I got an email asking to talk a little bit more about the Issues SYN/ACK PAC will be advocating for. Here’s an initial list I came up with, but I’d invite anyone who’s passionate about an issue to let me know so I can add it to the list.

    * Net Neutrality
    * Open Spectrum
    * Developing open and accessible smart grids instead of walled off grids controlled by power companies
    * OpenSource/Open Standards Use in Government
    * Transparency in Government
    * Math, Science and Technology Education Reform
    * Intellectual Property Policy in the digital age

    In the next few weeks, we’ll have a wikified issues section on the website, so people can add their own ideas for how to solve some of the pressing problems of the day.

    (And, for those wondering, the top of the shield in our logo is the Ethernet symbol found next to the ports on Macs, although it has also been pointed out to me that the logo would make an excellent an excellent Cthulhu for President logo as well. :) )

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