Accessing Digital On-Demand Manufacturing for Your Project

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Accessing Digital On-Demand Manufacturing for Your Project

The contemporary generation of businesses is more conversant and involved in manufacturing on-demand. Many different products are now available on demand, ranging from medical devices to aerospace and automotive parts. The growth of on-demand manufacturing in the manufacturing sector has soon become an inevitable reality. 

As of today, quite a number of industrial projects are rapidly produced and delivered to consumers. The on-demand manufacturing model does not rely on the regulated or standard configuration, which must be mass-produced and stockpiled. Manufacturing smaller volumes of products becomes relatively easy and cost-effective under the on-demand manufacturing model, thanks to the improvement of old manufacturing processes and the development of new technologies.

Outsourcing Manufacturing Needs in China

The major purpose of seeking additional support in finishing up a manufacturing project is to reduce costs while providing quality services. Many companies often outsource to China to get their wares completely produced and assembled at lower prices. China is responsible for one-fifth of the world’s product manufacturing projects. There is no denying that it is the country with the most significant number of parts and manufacturing in the world. 

RapidDirect plant

There are quite a lot of benefits that are derived from outsourcing production to China. Here are some of these advantages: 

Tons of Available Materials for Use

One of the many causes and advantages of outsourcing to China is the availability of a wide range of raw materials at its disposal. Due to the widely available resources, it becomes easier for many companies to adjust to your manufacturing demands. Thus, you tend to get only customized and unique solutions. 

Quick-Turn Service

China is known as the manufacturing center of the world with an abundance of materials and more than enough skilled engineers at your disposal. With a high number of experienced employees available for jobs, Chinese manufacturing industries have been able to hire more workers depending on the requirements of your project. This means there is maximal assurance that prompt production is guaranteed. 

RapidDirect: China’s Leading On-demand Manufacturing Platform

There are two different types of companies in China; the traditional businesses and the millennial manufacturing companies. RapidDirect belongs to the group of millennials manufacturing companies; it aims at improving innovations and technological development. This company provides engineers, designers one-stop manufacturing solutions from prototype manufacturing to on-demand manufacturing.

RapidDirect leverages the activities of past companies to foster revolutionary innovations in  machining services. This has helped establish a suitable future and a better market for consumers to acquire sophisticated products and services. It provides rapid prototyping and production services to the likes of product designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers.

Why Choose Rapid Direct for Custom Manufacturing Needs?

Several quality features have propelled RapidDirect into the fully established innovative company that it is. Here are some of its interesting attributes: 

Instant Order Quoting

Instant CNC quote orders is one of the features of the RapidDirect parts and prototype production company. This instant quote functions by doing a breakdown of the supplied design configurations of the CAD files. When this is done, an immediate price quote is created. Customers can go ahead to confirm details and orders. With instant quoting, consumers get uninterrupted access to prototype production processes. New users of the RapidDirect Instant quote tool are currently eligible to receive 15% off  for their first order until 20th Dec 2021, using coupon code RDMAKEZINE. Start your instant quote journey here.

Automated DfM Feedback

When you place an order with RapidDirect, you upload a CAD file (MESH or STEP versions) to the online quoting platform. The platform will instantly evaluate and synthesize while it produces feedback on the manufacturability of each part. This feedback is given after this automated system conducts a comparison between the unlimited RapidDirect manufacturing database and the supplied information. This feature from RapidDirect serves as an analysis, checking for error routines before producing the parts. 

All-in-One Order Management

RapidDirect provides an all-in-one order management tool when you place your order with them, in order to keep track of orders, customer management, and all other related processes. Right from order placement to the point where your products are safely delivered to desired locations.

One-Stop Solution from Prototyping to NPI and Mass Production

RapidDirect serves as a major breakthrough in prototyping, taking it to the next level. New product introduction (NPI) mainly metamorphosizes a product from a prototype level to a fully operational phase. With the tons of cutting-edge technologies, DfM feedback, and engineers at your disposal, RapidDirect facilitates the swift and easy transition of products from prototype level to a fully functional state with the capability to mass-produce.

Self-Owned Factory & Strong Manufacturing Network

The advantages of self-owned factories can never be over-emphasized. On-demand manufacturing companies with their own factories guarantee faster lead times. Ever since its inception in 2009, RapidDirect has run its own factory. It continues to introduce impressive technology innovations while it rapidly handles and delivers orders from customers worldwide. In addition to custom CNC machining, they also handle custom injection molding, custom sheet metal fabrication and other custom manufacturing processes for your manufacturing projects. Manufacturing quality parts while being cost-effective is their priority. 

Since the company is located in Shenzhen China, it can easily access raw materials from their sources to get the best prices. With a network of the most skilled experts, the production of quality parts has become even easier.  RapidDirect also gets other suitable manufacturing factories to work with it on manufacturing projects. After scrutiny and assessments, these manufacturing partners join the RapidDirect network in China for interdependency and effective provision of services.

Quality Assurance

RapidDirect possesses a comprehensive quality assurance policy, one that covers production requirements. It is an ISO-certified manufacturing company. As one of RapidDirect’s aims, it seeks and works to produce and deliver quality parts, putting this to play in all stages involved in production. 

Final Thoughts

As the manufacturing space continues to evolve towards on-demand manufacturing, it becomes crucial to partner with the right company. Getting your products to market within the shortest period while saving costs should be your priority. With the blooming of the internet, digital entered into our daily life as well affected the way of traditional manufacturing. Therefore, choosing a digital on-demand manufacturing could make a whole lot of difference for your business. 

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