AHAB High Altitude Ballooning – Best of Weekend Projects


This week on Best of Weekend Projects, we look back at part two of the AHAB (High Altitude Balloon Adventure). In this epic Bre & Co. travel to Eastern Washington to launch a GPS and camera enabled balloon into NEAR SPACE!

42 thoughts on “AHAB High Altitude Ballooning – Best of Weekend Projects

  1. Garret says:

    So…when are you going to admit that Bre is gone forever:(

  2. DU says:

    They already admitted he’s gone forever, but they haven’t yet admitted that Weekend Projects is dead.

  3. Richard says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Bre passing away. You have my condolences.

  4. samuel gamlin says:

    i assume this is sarcasm but bre pettis isnt dying is he

  5. samuel gamlin says:

    i assume this is sarcasm but bre pettis isnt dying is he

  6. ImTeslaBeotch says:

    Rest in peace Bre. We loved you man.

    I’m sure he’s tinkering in the great workshop in the sky.

  7. samuel gamlin says:

    i bre pettis dead ?

  8. DF says:

    I heard that Bre went to live in the land called Etsy. Sad, he was one of the few people involved with this blog that actually generated interesting content of his own on a regular basis.

  9. Alex says:

    Wait, seriously, whats going on with Bre? There havent been any new Weekend projects and hes not on the list of authors anymore.

    Can anyone confirm anything?

  10. DF says:

    From brepettis.com:

    “Bre Pettis produces new media for Etsy.com, the marketplace for handmade goods. In his recent past, he’s been host of Make: Magazine’s Weekend Projects podcast, a schoolteacher, artist, and a puppeteer. Bre is passionate about invention, innovation, and all things DIY.”

    sounds like he moved on to greener pastures.

  11. samuel gamlin says:

    sorry about the multiple comments its windy and my internet has been cut down to pre broadband speed i kept getting loading pages and didnt know what was what im sure bre is alive and well just move companies and this is just a load of hubub over nothing

  12. Micomrna171 says:

    He isnt dead guys… He went off to follow other passions or somthing like that. There is apparently a new show coming along similar to weekend projects. Maybe they are going to ask the make community to do stuff??

  13. svofski says:

    Bre, come post something here to stop the nonsense!

  14. pt says:

    everyone – we posted that bre left back in jan (and when it’s come up in comments, each time) — bre is at etsy doing videos with them, we’re running best of while we work on our new video series which will be out soon — 3/1 likely. i’m really pleased about all the work bre did here and that’s why we’re running the best of — so keep watching and stay tuned for more videos soon.

  15. Hyde says:

    Now that the Bre stuff is settled.(Again) Does anybody know if they ever found the payload?

  16. Hyde says:

    Now that the Bre stuff is settled(Again), does anybody know if they ever found the payload?

  17. svofski says:

    @Hyde – it’s a cliffhanger. Or a balloondropper.

  18. pt says:

    it was never found

  19. paul says:

    I wonder if the spring plowing and planting will help the payload get itself found . . . . that was quite an ambitious project and I bet the images will be great.

  20. 3ricj says:

    The payload was never found.

    The folks over at PNA who worked on the first launch are going at it again this spring.. all I want to share for now is that we won’t be chasing this payload.. it will be autonomously flying back to us. :)

    Bre is not dead – – he was last seen in the below photo, right before the zombies ate is brain:


  21. will says:

    is there anyway i can download all of the weekend podcasts in one big download any help appreciated

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