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Animation director and self-proclaimed “Queen of monsters” Ashley J Long wanted to make something that could be used for Halloween and Comic Con. The queen alien from Aliens 2 would fit the bill as something that is scary and a huge part of geek culture. After all, according to her it can “dislodge a human head from its spine in under 5 seconds.” Being gooey in the movie doesn’t hurt the creepiness factor either.

The headpiece is the thing that most stands out and was the most work for this project. It’s made out of 50-60 sheets of card stock which were cut and glued over a 2 month period (geeks must always remember to plan early for Halloween). The in-process headpiece was braced with drinking straw, then coated with Bondo boat resin and painted. Various jewels were also added for effect.

A bike helmet was then squeezed into a place that seemed to be the most balanced, then locked in place with adhesive and clay. You can see some of the process and finished pictures in the gallery below.

Naturally there’s also a black outfit that goes along with it, as well as a spine piece and egg. The spine was made of flexible aluminum conduit with sheet foam for the vertebrae, while the egg is made out of paper mache. Apparently it’s filled with green slime, so don’t stick your hand in there!

0 thoughts on “Alien Queen Costume

  1. mzungu says:

    Awesome. What would be cool, if there is a alien inner jaw coming out of it, if someone pulls open that lower jaw to see her face….

    1. Ashley J. says:

      Definitely a consideration for future versions. It was already such a big project that I didn’t dare get electronics involved!

      1. mzungu says:

        Prob no need for motors, just a few lever and hinges will do. Have a fun Halloween. :D

  2. Ashley J. says:

    Thanks for the great feature! I had no idea my costume had made it around the internet so much already. The online response has been wonderful and I’m excited to debut the Queen to the public this week!

    1. Shannon says:

      Hi you are awesome!

      1. Ashley J. says:

        Thank you! I’m glad most everyone really likes the costume.

    2. Jeremy Cook says:

      Happy to write it up, and glad you were able to check out the article! I’m always amazed at the stuff people make that I get to write about here.

  3. GriffinGotGun says:

    Does anyone have the pepakura pattern for this?

    1. Ashley J. says:

      I haven’t been able to find the specific link again, since I first got the pattern 6 months ago. Search Alien pepakura pattern and you’ll find some fan forums with lots of good stuff available for free use. It just takes some digging.

  4. 2ft1st says:

    Those claws inspire the idea of a Catwoman + Alien Queen mashup. Spectacular effort on the costume. Very well done!

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