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Amy Butler Sweet Life Bag Giveaway

I love Amy Butler’s line of Sweet Life Bags — they are modern and functional, made with her beautiful prints in all my favorite colors. One of the most popular Sweet Life Bags is the Sanibel which is the perfect crafty summer tote where you can take your latest craft project to go. I love all the interior and exterior pockets for books, tools, yarn, fabric, patterns, a water bottle, cell phone and anything else you need to tote around. There’s even a detachable mini-purse inside to hold your valuables. To check out the other Sweet Life Bags and to buy online, visit the Amy Butler shop.
CRAFT Giveaway!
Happy Friday! One lucky CRAFT winner is going to win the Sanibel tote. Just leave a comment to this post letting us know why you need this bag. Please make sure you include your email address in the comment form field (won’t be published). All comments will be closed by 5pm PST on Monday, May 25. Good luck!
This giveaway is now closed. Thank you!
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964 thoughts on “Amy Butler Sweet Life Bag Giveaway

  1. Denise says:

    Yes I would like to win this lovely tote. I agree so great for the summer.

  2. Beth says:

    I would love to win this bag because it would solve two problems…one, it would hold all the stuff I need to tote around. And, two, it would draw attention to its loveliness and away from my usual SAHM wardrobe. :)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate!

  3. Christine Messick says:

    I would love to have this bag! I love it and have nothing like it at home and it truly does look like the perfect tote!

  4. Angela says:

    Who wouldn’t need such a fabulous bag? This would be perfect for crafts, for a day of shopping, for trips to the library, and just all around perfect for putting a smile on your face!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am constantly losing my crochet hooks, scissors and other supplies because I am switching things from bag to bag. This bag would let me keep it all in one place!

  6. Eva Moore says:

    I need to win this bag to round out my collection. It would be the perfect fit for many a summer outing and make me the envy of all my friends. :D

  7. Busgirlbrown says:

    I would love to win this bag to replace my current tote – a hand-me-down “Halliburton” bag. I would like a bag that makes people say “cute” instead of “ugh!”

  8. Amber says:

    I love Amy Butler’s fabric and patterns. This would be the perfect bag for me. I’m a mother of a two year old and always have to carry a purse full of his necessities… extra change of clothes, tissues, wipies, various treasures like spiderman, hot wheels and suckers he is awarded at the bank. And yet I still need room for my things like my wallet, makeup, coupons and cell phone. Sometimes being a mom doesn’t look so glamorous, but I would look so trendy carrying such a cute bag!!!

  9. Patricia says:

    This bag would be great to use for our weekly craft nights with my best girlfriends. Beautiful!

  10. nicolars says:

    The bag is just fabulous, and looks like it would be the perfect summer tote.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    This bag would make life incredibly sweet for my poor beleaguered knitting – currently poked into a pocket or an unsightly grocery bag, shedding needles all the way. I’m particularly enamoured of the little key pouch – no more need to dump out the entire bag looking for the important little things. And it’s my colour!

  12. Gretel Shuvzwichinstov says:

    I’ve been carrying my projects around in a giant picnic basket for years, which is fine for large projects, but sometimes I only have something smaller that I’m working on, and it would be great to have a bag like this!

  13. katblk9 says:

    This is super cute!
    It’d be perfect for toting around all my crafty things, considering I always have 1 to 2 projects with me wherever I go!

  14. Lauren V says:

    I ALWAYS make my bags out of AB fabric and patterns, but they are always for other people. I never seem to have time to make one for myself! The only one I ever made for myself is the messenger bag, and I use it everyday! they are so functional!

  15. Melinda says:

    I have this bag in a different fabric pattern – it is the BEST! I need *this* bag to give as a gift.

  16. Mary says:

    This bag is so pretty, who wouldn’t want it? If it were mine, I would be able to better keep track of hooks and needles for works in progress!

  17. Lottie says:

    I need this bag to cheer up (and actually carry around so that I can work on)my MANY works in progress.

  18. shannon says:

    I would LOVE LOVE to have this bag. A while ago someone broke into my car and stole my knitting bag along with the half finished baby blanket that was inside. I think they must have thought it was a purse and I’m sure it ended up in the trash. ::shrug:: I know it sounds like a made-up sob story, but it’s totally true.
    Great blog! Go go crafts!

  19. Melissa says:

    I would love to win this bag because it is gorgeous and it looks way better than anything I could personally make. I always want to buy and use Amy Butler fabrics but they are so nice, I wouldn’t want to mess up!

  20. Kaitlin says:

    Thanks for this giveaway – this bag looks fantastic, and perfect for my needs.

  21. Meg says:

    My summer bag for the past few years has been a very scratchy and rough burlap tote. I kid you not. This bag, on the other hand, is so pretty and summery (love that fabric!), looks like it could hold my latest craft project, a book and a nice thermos of lemonade (or the laptop when I’m headed to work), and it also looks so soft and easy to carry. Plus that pull-out pouch for keys and and money would be perfect to bring when walking the dog or heading to the pool… I love this bag!
    Thanks for hosting this (and so many other) great giveaways!

  22. Nathalie says:

    I wish I could carry all my knitting projects everywhere in this beautiful bag! Thankds!

  23. Michele says:

    How fantastic! I am in need of a sturdy bag to tote around my yarn, needles and other knitting supplies. My current plastic bags are neither green, nor chic. :(

  24. emevans says:

    I need this bag because it would be perfect for all the traveling me and my husband and our dog do during the summer!
    Plus its super cute….and who doesn’t need an Amy Butler Bag!!!

  25. tracey says:

    that bag is so perfect and Amy Butler is a genius.

  26. Ruchira says:

    I’d love to have this bag because it’ll just be perfect to carry all my knitting projects thanks to all the exterior and interior pockets. I’ve never had such a functional and pretty bag. It’s so cheery too, just what I’d need in these sad, recession-filled times.

  27. Kara says:

    the bag I use now to carry my embroidery projects from baseball fields to soccer practice is the very same beach bag my parent’s used when I was a little girl. I’m 38 now…

  28. Melissa says:

    My teen daughter needs this bag so she can keep her knitting stuff organized! And maybe I’ll let her sew it!

  29. Carrie says:

    I need this bag because my son is almost a year old and I STILL haven’t bought a diaper bag, but I’m realizing I need something (and something BEAUTIFUL would be best!) to carry his stuff in when we go to the park, beach or visit friends in other neighborhoods this summer.

  30. Johanna I. says:

    Well, the first reason I need this bag is that it is gorgeous. And the second is that this is just a much more organized to keep my crafting project from getting tangled up with everything else I need to tote around. Amy Butler to the rescue!

  31. Deb Weller says:

    I am so in love with Amy’s fabrics, and these bags are just divine!

  32. Valalala says:

    why Amy Butler? Why? Why must you make such wonderful bags and fabrics! It hurts my pocketbook, it really does.
    I want this bag because it’s so pretty

  33. Rebecca says:

    sooo pretty – with 2 kids, anything that helps me organize is essential!

  34. kateL says:

    This would be perfect for my crafting supplies when I go camping. I am always looking for a way to stay organized and have what I need when I am away from home.

  35. Lisa says:

    This is a lovely tote and I would love to replace my general crafting tote with something more durable to lug around town or to the beach!

  36. ldhandelman says:

    because it’s beautiful!!! and because i arrived at my hotel at 1am to find that my bottle of shampoo exploded in my suitcase, all over my suits and stuff for the conference i am attending in san francisco–my spirits need lifting!!

  37. cndplus2 says:

    Oh, the pockets – how I love pockets! I NEED this bag!! It’s lovely! I am taking my Girl Scout troop on a 5 day trip this summer. This bag would be perfect to hold all the supplies a Girl Scout leader needs to have at hand, plus space for a small knitting project to keep me entertained!

  38. Nicole says:

    i love love love love this bag. i could actually find things in my bag. i’ve got a two year old that like me to carry a few thing for him, then i try to make room for my own stuff…i normally get a left over space for a wallet and a set of keys. i could actually get a knitting project in there for car trips.

  39. Jamie says:

    I don’t know why it’s taken me this long, but all of a sudden, I have an insatiable desire to collect fabulous bags! I’ve been trying to be responsible with my new addiction… Winning this bag would satisfy a craving while being fiscally responsible!

  40. FunkyJunkJewellery says:

    …my crafting tote bag is FULL! I just got a whole load of new beautiful bits and bobs and I think they come alive at night whilst I sleep (y’know, shoe charms, flowers, teapots, you name it). If they lived in this beautiful bag then I could get some sleep and stop worrying about overspilling crafting items doing away with me in my sleep. See, told you I needed it!!

  41. Bobbi says:

    I love this bag. I need this bag. Because summer is coming and I should not be using a black purse in the summer, right? I keep thinking of all the cute outfits I could put together with this new “purse”. :)

  42. Noodles says:

    NEED is such a tricky word. Do I *need* the bag? Er, well, it’s a matter of debate. Do I have a deep and burning desire and/or fixation about having it? In the words of Snoop, fo shizzle, yo. :-) Just think of all the stuff I can haul! Books! Cameras! Yarn! Fabric! Hell, I could probably even fit in a change of clothing.

  43. 5elementknitr says:

    That bag is so pretty! It would make a great combo of purse/knitting bag!

  44. Stephanie H. says:

    I need this bag because I’m in love with it and when it comes to crafting I am all over the place! Crochet day with my sister! Crochet day with my friends! Crochet in the car! This bag is perfect!

  45. Alison says:

    Ohhh, it’s been so dreary in Seattle — this bag will totally cheer things up!

  46. Jenna Lou D says:

    I’d love to win this bag because I could totally use a pick me up… and what would be better than these lush fabrics!

  47. Kirsten says:

    This bag would be just wonderful for me because it is so functional and stylish, and multi-use too! I’ll be able to use it now as a diaper bag for my brand new little girl, then later graduate it to being a rad craft tote.

  48. Cat.Coelho says:

    Well because I am trying to strat a kind of “crafternoons” with my friends, here in Coimbra, Portugal and it woul be just GREAT to carry my “work in progress” arround with this GORGEOUS TOTE. and I heve to travel arround a lot, because our family leaves in another town, and we visit them a lot and I just can’t go anywhere whithout my craft projects!!!
    And I have a 19th month baby girl and it woul be nice to have a place to keep my ongoing projects away.
    With this bag, I’d do it all with style!!!
    PS is it possible to win being from Portugal???
    Catarina Coelho
    patio das Escolas
    3004-545 Coimbra

  49. Trudy says:

    Amy Butler is the leader in new fabrics. I can’t help but love everything she does.

  50. Susanna says:

    This bag is beautiful! I’m traveling a lot this summer, and this looks like the perfect way to keep everything important together (gotta have those embroidery threads close at hand!). I can also see myself tossing this in the front basket on my bicycle and pedaling around town.

  51. Izzy says:

    I love love love love love this bag……I have been drooling over the new bags on Amy Butler’s web-site. I need to have it to carry around all of my crafty projects this summer.

  52. BethJC says:

    This bag is so pretty and perfect for work. I need a big bag to carry everything on the train to and from work: lunch, book, office heels, paper etc.

  53. Kim says:

    I can’t believe Amy Butler has done it again! I love this new bag, and it would satisfy my two craving: carrying a big, fab bag and being super organized on the go! Yippee!

  54. Rebecca says:

    I need this bag because the Amy Butler Sophia bag is proving to be more than my poor old Kenmore sewing machine can handle. This bag would give me my Amy Butler fix and tide me over until I can get my machine fixed or replaced.

  55. Christene says:

    i NEED this bag because i carry so much stuff around with me, for work, because i am an insulin-dependent diabetic, because i have a four year old little boy…wow! i need this bag!

  56. Julie says:

    This bag would cheer me up while continuing my job search!

  57. Holly says:

    Great bag! I need this to tote around my yarn for making lots of baby booties!

  58. Katie says:

    This bag would be absolutely perfect for me!
    I find myself carting around various items at all times, including (but not limited to) books, knitting needles, yarn, granola bars, random paper for paper crafting, spare shoes, a sweater, etc. along with all of my “normal” purse stuff – cell phone, wallet, camera (is that normal for most people? I always have my camera on me!)…
    A big bag like this would help keep me organized, and would look super stylish at the same time!

  59. Sarah says:

    Oh, I need this bag!! I am redoing my craft room right now and although I have space galore for my sewing notions, I just realized that I have not thought through what to do with all my knitting supplies! They would look so cute stuffed in this bag and hanging from my coat rack!!

  60. Stacy says:

    I need this bag to keep my knitting projects in because our family is going to be on the move a TON this summer and I want to keep all of my knitting with me and organized.

  61. Celluloid Pixie says:

    I carry all my knitting/crochet supplies around in a giant plastic bag. It’s good to recycle/reuse those plastic bags but I think it’s time I start traveling in style! And what better style is there than Amy Butler’s Sanibel Tote? None, that’s what!

  62. Michelle says:

    I would love to have this bag :)

  63. says:

    I need, need I say, this bag for one simple reason…. It is gorgeous!!
    And who doesn’t need a gorgeous tote?

  64. magwilky says:

    what a lovely bag! I am always on the go as a working mom of 2 little and am always looking for a great way to bring my projects along.

  65. melanie says:

    Oh it’s so cute! I need it because I can’t find that many great vegan bags. This one is awesome. And the color would look so great with my yellow shoes.

  66. Anjuli says:

    I would love to win this bag! I have a secret love affair with AB fabrics, but I’m not a skilled-enough sewer to make a bag myself. I certainly need something in which to carry around my summer knitting project!

  67. Ana says:

    I’m a design student and a craft enthusiast. I’d LOVE to take this tote to studio or anywhere really. Great print and spacious. What more could a girl ask for?

  68. sarchix says:

    That is just too cute. I’d probably use it as my “Mom tote”, carrying all that junk for three kids plus myself (and hubby’s stuff too).

  69. Stacey D says:

    What a beautiful bag – My 15 – year-old daughter is going to Europe this summer with a group from People to People, and then she is going to do a service trip to build houses in Taos, New Mexico -, and she doesn’t have a great bag to carry on – brown and aqua are her favorite colors – she would LOVE this bag. Thanks for the great give-away opportunity!

  70. Roxanne Davis says:

    I need this bag because I have desperately been trying to find the time to make something just like this. However, with moving a business and getting two others off the ground, personal time is very sparse. A bag like this would allow me to take small personal projects with me to take advantage of the little bits of time I do find.

  71. cupper says:

    What a gorgeous bag. I believe it is necessary to my existence! As always not only is the bag well designed but the fabric chosen is beautiful.

  72. !? says:

    I’d love to win this bag. Not only is it beautiful and roomy for all my knitting, it’s named after the Florida island where my grandparents lived, which I have many fond memories of.
    Thanks! – Erin

  73. Debbie Jennings says:

    Organization and fabulousness??? I need both!

  74. auschick says:

    Love it! I’ve been on the hunt to find something that will fit my DSLR camera as well as my crafting projects. I think this will fit the bill!

  75. Linda says:

    I love bag!!
    I used this bag to hold toys and clothes for my child.

  76. Stacey says:

    I need this bag because it’s baseball season and I need something awesome to tote my projects off to the game in! I need it, I need it!!!

  77. maffei says:

    This bag would be perfect for the summer. Every Saturday night I go to our local professional soccer team’s (USL2) game and will bring something to keep my hands busy. I find that I am always scavengering around the house for some kind of bag and wind up with a makeshift ugly situation. I also spend a lot of time in the passenger seat going here and there for weekend trips and find myself carrying two bags, a purse and a crafts bag. My feet get all jumbled up because there are too many things going on. If I just had one attractive useful bag all my frustrations would go by the way side and I would be a happy crafter.

  78. haliegirl says:

    I would love to win this bag. I think that I need it for KIP day, so I don’t have to feel slightly ashamed of my current battered knitting bag.

  79. Melissa Bond says:

    I would love to win this bag! I’ve been lugging my crafts around in a bag my mom made years ago and I’m sure she’d like it back one day. This bag has shape! and color! How fun!

  80. Hope says:

    OH OH OH I NEED this bag. It IS the perfect craft tote. I can totally see it with me at the beach. It so matches the water and looks durable enough for my frequent trips. It’s just lovely!

  81. Jonelle says:

    I would use this bag to haul my calculator and all the math papers that need to be graded over the summer. Wait a second, I won’t have any papers to grade, but will probably still carry the calculator ( I am a nerd after all). With my new found freedom I am going to learn how to knit, I promised my grandma I would. This would be the perfect bag to encourage and inspire me to persevere in the face of many knitting frustrations.

  82. Natalie says:

    Love the colors of the tote! Looks just the right size for carrying my socks in progress plus other summer essentials, instead of lugging my purse along too!

  83. Ginger says:

    I suppose I don’t need this bag in that I don’t have any other bags, but I need it in that the bag I’m currently using is not nearly as beautiful or springy! :

  84. Laura S. says:

    My poor yarns and needles currently occupy a brown paper shopping bag…I’m always knitting stuff for others (including purses and bags!!) but never seem to make anything for myself…this bag would really make my day!

  85. Julianna says:

    Thanks for the contest, this bag is beautiful! I would love to win it because I need a bag this size. It looks big enough to carry what I need but not so big that I would be tempted to put to much stuff in it!

  86. Toni says:

    This bag is beautiful – I can’t decide if I like the fabric or the incredibly useful number of pockets more! I NEED it so I don’t have to waste precious subway knitting time digging around for my scissors/needles/patterns/ipod/whatever while trying not to tangle up my project & yarn!

  87. Laurel says:

    I need this so I can carry all my knitting accessories with me when I travel, but still keep them organized! It’s so lovely.

  88. Danielle says:

    Fashionable AND organized?? It’s like a crazy dream world come to live (in super cute colors to boot)!

  89. angela arguelles says:

    This bag is totally rad! I will need this for my baby junk after it is born. This is my third so I will need all the help I can get.

  90. kelleyn says:

    Call me crazy, but I’d love to win this bag because of all the fun pockets! I could carry my mini weenie dog inside the bag (she likes going everywhere with mom)and still carry all my things in the pockets safely out of the way of little doxy toofies!

  91. Shaena says:

    This is definitely an awesome bag! I really need a new bag for summer… I actually haven’t bought myself a bag/purse in over 3 years!! They’re not something I usually spend money on, so hopefully I win this!

  92. Julie Campbell says:

    Oh man! Do I NEED this bag! I would probably use it to pack up all of the kids extras when we venture out this summer. Or… I might use it to put some of my markers and stamped images in to work on projects while we travel.

  93. Jess says:

    I so need this bag because I am a mama with three kids who do summer sports. I crochet, knit or embroider at their games. Younger siblings always come up to me and ask what I am doing. I like to bring extra supplies with me and offer to teach them how to do what I’m doing. I’ve had three kids take me up on it so far! If I had this bag it would be so much easier to keep supplies at the ready and grab my bag in the hectic rush to get out the door to the game!

  94. says:

    I would love to win this bag:
    * I was just looking at Amy Butler material this morning and love this one!
    * We are visiting my in-laws in June, and while I like them, my father-in-law tends to go on and on, and the TV is often tuned to things I am not interested in. I always have to have things with me that can keep my in the loop, but keep my from going insane.

  95. Kristen says:

    Hi! I’d love to win this bag because, as much as I love Amy Butler’s fabrics, I am all thumbs when it comes to crafting. I live the crafting life vicariously through sites like this, and occasionally try my own projects which (with a few happy exceptions that keep me going) bomb miserably. I’d love this gorgeous bag – can I get a sympathy win? :)

  96. Farrah says:

    Because my handknit cabled purse was destroyed when thieves broke into my car to get my wallet. So I need a new wallet, and better luck! Besides, I really, really love this bag!

  97. ruby42 says:

    I totally need this bag. I have been using the same old purse for four years and got so sick of looking at it that I threw it away last week. I have be reduced to carrying my keys and id in my pocket and my other stuff to work with me in grocery bags! This purse is adorable. It would give me room to bring my crochet or cross stitch and embroidery everywhere and I could totally put my yorkie in it and sneak her into places with me.

  98. Amanda says:

    As a mommy of a toddler, I have stopped buying nice things for myself so that I can use the money for my son. I need this bag because I do not have a out-in-public worthy knitting bag and extremely unlikely to buy one or have the time to make one myself!
    Plus, it’s my favorite color. ;)

  99. Paige says:

    Okay, I totally need this bag because I’ve got lotsa of WIP’s and I could use another bag to hold more yarny goodness!

  100. Anne says:

    Love it!! My bag’s wearing out; it’d be PERFECT!

  101. Anne says:

    I would love to have this bag as a means of transporting all of my crafting supplies to the playground, so that I may craft while my daughter slides.
    Thanks so much.

  102. shala_beads says:
    After years of use, my old messenger bag just gave up, and I’ve been using a duct tape Captain Hammer since while waiting for the right size bag to hold my electronics and other must haves. I need need need a new bag.

  103. Kerry Young says:

    Hmmm… I LOVE Amy Butler’s stuff but I just can’t bring myself to ruin any of the beautiful fabric with my sub-par sewing skills. I would love this bag for any number of things…
    baby stuff, knitting, school work… the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  104. Suzie says:

    I believe that I need this bag because I have never owned anything Amy Butler and I think this bag is amazing! It would be perfect for all of my summer library and project needs! The fabric looks so great!

  105. Sima says:

    I need this bag! I am working in the cold confines of a computer lab all summer; we could use some sunshine, and crafting to boot, on slow days!

  106. Vicki says:

    My middle child has informed me that he would like to play soccer–yikes. I told him maybe this fall….I’ll probably start some hand-piecing projects or get back into knitting and I’ll need a bag to carry my work to all the practices and stuff. (I might throw in a diaper and some baby toys to keep little sister entertained as well.)

  107. Reese says:

    This bag looks perfect for not only my crafting gear (I’m a crazy summertime knitter), but also my cameras for photography as well! A nice square bottom with plenty of side pockets and a wide comfy strap. Plus, it’s open at the top, which is perfect for accessing what’s inside!

  108. sarah says:

    Maybe having an organized BAG would be the first step to an organized LIFE.

  109. Linda from Vegas says:

    I have so many craft projects going on, I can’t keep them all organized. This bag would really help me to be organized. the fabric is beautiful.

  110. kmcmoobud says:

    I need this bag because….
    ….because who doesn’t need a now bag.
    Plus, I could walk around saying, “Mama’s got a brand new bag.”

  111. knittingbunnymum says:

    I just absolutely NEED this bag. It is so beautiful and would be perfect to take to all my kidlets soccer games so I can knit as they play. :)

  112. Leigh says:

    I would love this bag – it looks big enough to carry my sketchbook, pencil pouch, Wreck This Journal, camera, blackberry, Blythe doll, and billion other things I’m always carrying around :D

  113. Jocelyn says:

    This bag is so purty!!!! It looks great, I normally tote my projects around in the bag the yarn came in. Not too fancy and when I make sweaters it’s normally busting at the seams. This looks so…ORGANIZED

  114. Jennifer says:

    Like everyone else, I need this bag! The colors are great, the design is great, and the fabric is perfect!
    I need this bag to keep my summer craft projects contained while I am working as health supervisor for a sleep away summer camp…summer knitting anyone?

  115. JJ says:

    I NEED this bag because it would make the cutest diaper bag…

  116. zoe says:

    Why do I need this back??? Because you can never have to many bags, and because I want it!!! :)

  117. Rebecca says:

    Love it! I’m a new knitter, I had no idea such products even exist!

  118. Heide Roland says:

    I can see all of my items organized in this bag, sitting on the porch outside at the beach house we will be this summer. Enbroidery floss neatly tucked away, New Projects folded and ready to be worked on. Little pieces of felt ready to be sewn together to make a new lovie for someone. I love having a place for everything and this will do that for me… Oh Sanibel tote how I love you so….

  119. Jessica says:

    I’d love it! I’d especially love to take it to San Diego comic con for hauling around all my loot while still looking stylish!

  120. Jen says:

    I need this bag to give to my mom to hold all her knitting supplies! She knits the BEST things for my new baby boy and maybe if she has a super cute bag to stay organized, she will continue to make beautiful sweaters and blankets for her grandbaby! :) I may love crafts, but she can actually make things look gorgeous!!!!

  121. Amanda Colyer says:

    I *need* this bag because:
    – It’s the perfect size
    – It’s so stylish that it doesn’t scream “CRAFT TOTE” like other knitting bags
    – aaaannnnnd…. ‘Sanilbel’ is a beautiful name
    There you have it — three reasons why this is the bag for me. Thanks! :)

  122. Palila B says:

    That bag is gorgeous! I need this to pack my in-progress projects away and store them where the cat can’t get into them, but still be easily able to take my sewing projects with me when I go to my aunt’s and friend’s houses to sew together (and troubleshoot the problems!) I also would use it to take those projects with me to appointments and work, where I often sit with nothing to do with my hands. I like to be productive.

  123. Keri says:

    I need this bag because I just moved from Minneapolis to Portland, and I love to go outside in the beautiful spring sunshine to knit!

  124. CarolK3 says:

    I loooovvvve the fabric and the essential bag design. It makes me dream of Japanese Tea Gardens, Beatles songs, and clouds. I can imagine all sorts of useful items to pack in this essential bag. Take fresh fruit in it for the walk in the gardens. Knitting on the subway listening to the Beatles on my ipod. The camera to lay on the grass and photograph the clouds….

  125. Missy Ann says:

    this bag because I am a purse/tote/bag junkie. My habit is insatable.

  126. seeking_shelter says:

    I think if I had this bag I would be a much better person. Taller, smarter, more generous… And it’s super cute!

  127. Melissa says:

    I would love this bag because I take public transportation to work and don’t have the luxury of leaving things in my car. Would also just make a fun tote for weekend trips; I’ll be making a lot of them this year because I’m planning a late summer wedding in my hometown, two hours away.

  128. shields1020 says:

    I think the better question is: who doesn’t need this bag? Style and storage make it perfect for carting around my craft supplies.

  129. heavyknitter says:

    I need this bag because my current portable knitting project carrier is my laptop bag. All manner of office junk gets stuck in my yarn, and I have broken several bamboo needles. I would love to have this as a dedicated knitting bag and separate my work from my “leisure activity”! :)

  130. Jennifer Moles says:

    I need this bag because my knitting, like the blob that ate Chicago, quickly outgrows all possible containers! And it is pretty, so pretty!!!! :-) Thanks for your fun content and your fab contest!
    Jennifer Moles

  131. Susan C says:

    I love this bag and it would make my life a lot easier. I care for my elderly mother and she has lots of doctor’s appointments. This bag would be the perfect thing to transport my knitting to those appointments.

  132. soup says:

    My goodness, this bag is so pretty, and its the same colors as Sanibel Island (my favorite beach here in MOSTLY sunny Florida, even though its such a long drive!) I *need* this bag because right now, I carry my recent WIP in a reusable Publix grocery bag. (no pockets!) Its good for the environment, but surely not as pretty!

  133. loulinders says:

    I would love this bag because I currently tote my craft projects around in plastic shopping bags. Nothing like having things poke out and jab me! And, I’m not at a level where I could make something so beautiful for myself…yet!

  134. soup says:

    My goodness, this bag is so pretty, and its the same colors as Sanibel Island (my favorite beach here in MOSTLY sunny Florida, even though its such a long drive!) I *need* this bag because right now, I carry my recent WIP in a reusable Publix grocery bag. (no pockets!) Its good for the environment, but surely not as pretty!

  135. LaRose says:

    I would love the opportunity to win Amy’s bag because I just flew from Richmond, Va. to beautiful Helena, MT. so I will be working my leg muscles hiking and exploring for the summer. It’d be nice if my yarns, crochet hook, and maybe some bead work if I’m feeling adventurous could follow me around for what is shaping up to be an awesome summer!

  136. LaRose says:

    I included my email in the title just in case any one has any cool craft finds I should check out while in Helena :)!

  137. Bladerunner says:

    I need this bag because I’m a handful of years out of grad school, and I’m still carrying everything around in my backpack. I’d like to look like a grownup occasionally, and this bag might just help me with that.

  138. jenn says:

    speaking honestly, i probably don’t actually *need* this bag. but i’d love to have it. because it’s lovely and blue and looks like it would hold a heck of a lot of things i consider essentials – crafty projects, books, pens, magazines, electronics and more.

  139. whitty says:

    I think my life could be a little sweeter! This bag is adorable and while it would be hard to purchase something like this (as opposed to convince myself I could make something similar and therefore add it to the long, long list of beautiful things I would love to have but will never get around to making), I would thrilled to win it! I also love that it is so practical along with being cute! The bags I make for myself tend to fail in the practical category.

  140. LittleWit says:

    That bag would be fantastic for toting around all my knitting projects. :) Not to mention I completely love the colors!

  141. Angela B. says:

    I need a bag like this for all my current projects that are scattered around. I recently discovered Amy Butler (how is that possible?) and am in love with everything. This bag is no exception! Thanks for the chance.

  142. asoulm8 says:

    The style of this bag matches it’s name! It looks like it would hold all the crafty stuff I tend to carry out and about or just from one room to another. It also seems to have the right size of pockets so I can also multi-task it as a diaper bag PLUS it has that perfect small bag to put purse related items into! I definitely need something this SWEET to show off to the rest of the mom’s that I too can be trendy with my new craft/diaper bag/purse!

  143. Aneesah says:

    Why I need this bag? Does there need to be a reason?! Look at it; who DOESN’T need such a beauty? ;D
    Heheh, dramatics aside, I’ve always loved fabric bags, ie. non-leather or leather-looking handbag stuff that are common and popular and readily available. Amy Butler’s designs are so perfect with my style.

  144. Lindsey says:

    I need this bag because it will be perfect for so many different uses. Hauling crafts, diaper bag, when I go to my parents, I can put magazines, my camera, and everything else I bring with. I love the name, the color, the size, the pattern is awesome. I want to win it!!! I love it!!

  145. tmlens says:

    I need this bag because a) I love the fabric, b) I don’t know how to sew, c) even if I did know how to sew I don’t have time with a full-time job and 19 month old toddler! Give me that bag, people! ;-)

  146. Becky says:

    I need this bag to compete with all of the Vera Bradley’s in Indiana!

  147. Sarah Hillgrove says:

    I’d get soooo much use out of this bag! My embroidery projects are constantly getting scrambled up and jumbled at the bottom of tote bags, so something with lots of pockets would be ideal for keeping them tidy and organized. Plus that fabric is just to die for!

  148. Alecto says:

    I need this bag to encourage me to work more regularly on my crafts! And maybe learn knitting!

  149. esther_reeves says:

    If someone in the UK is allowed to enter I’d love to win. It would be perfect to hold my crochet projects in and keep them tidy and away from my one-year old and the added bonus is that the bag is the right colour to match the decoration of our main family room.

  150. Erin Compton says:

    Both my husband and I have started crocheting so we need a bag that could carry both projects. This bag would be perfect for us.
    And that is why we need this bag.

  151. ckittyn1 says:

    Love the bag!!!

  152. Katie S says:

    I need this bag because it is large enough to allow me to carry my knitting projects and the paraphernalia for my kids at the same time- no need to carry two bags!

  153. kaitlyn mcconnell says:

    this bag is exactly what i have been looking for to keep my life organized this summer!

  154. Nicole says:

    A wonderful new, locally owned, coffee shop has opened down the street and I’m looking forward to summertime tea and knitting, but all my bags are a mess when I knit in public! I would love to have this bag as an elegant and convenient way to bring my projects around with me.

  155. Vancouver girl says:

    I’d love to have this bag because so many of my WIPs get put away in a paper lunch bag, and for me, out of sight is out of mind. If I could keep my WIPs in sight in this beautiful bag, they’d get finished a lot sooner. Thanks!

  156. elaine says:

    I don’t just want this bag…I NEED it! Kids, crafting, diapers, yarn…you guys get my meaning.

  157. Kelly says:

    I need this bag so I can stop carrying my projects around in a lame plastic grocery bag. Not only is it ugly, it’s not very environmental!!!! Please pick me. I want to be cool and have the totally awesome Amy Butler bag!!!

  158. Leslie says:

    I need to win this bag because I just learned how to knit and I need a cool place to store my new stash of yarn and needles!! I would look so cool! ;-)

  159. Nicole says:

    Oh man do I ever need this bag! I could use it for nearly everything! Trips to the farmers market, an easy way to carry my little craft projects around, and i bet i could throw a notebook or two in there and head off to class. *pine*

  160. Krista says:

    for me, a bag like this is a need… i’m a busy mom with a lot of projects on the go and too often my purse can’t hold it all! it’s hard to find a bigger bag that is pretty too and this one is so beautiful!

  161. Tina Y says:

    I want this bag because its adorable and would inspire me to learn to sew the other Amy Butler patterns.

  162. Kathleen says:

    What a gorgeous bag. It would be great for the summer.

  163. Jinlian says:

    Nice print and size! I’ve been on a crafting hiatus for too long…I need something to inspire/motivate me to start crafting again.

  164. natasha B says:

    I think i am in love with this bag an my is a mess and plain boring this one would be a lovely exchange.

  165. Jasmin says:

    This bag would make an ultra-chic diaper bag! Or go-with-anything-including-spit-up, all-purpose tote!

  166. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this bag. I never have enough pockets to compartmentalize everything. I tried adding my stuff to the diaper bag, but it got too full too fast.

  167. Jennifer Marquez says:

    I am a crafter at heart as well as an artist. I am currently working on receiving my undergrad in a BFA for Fiber Arts. This bag would be a perfect way to keep all my crafting materials together and ready to go to any class that I can sit in a work on my many crafting/ art project’s.

  168. knitilicious says:

    Gorgeous bag, it would look great with the gray top I’m knitting as well as filled with other knitting supplies.

  169. Eileen says:

    It’s so pretty and would be perfect for carrying around my knitting projects.

  170. zuliblu says:

    I love that Amy Butler bag and would use it every day. I often carry my knitting around to appointments and what a stylish way to do it! Thank you-Julie

  171. Jacquie says:

    I need this bag like a hole in the head but I so badly want it! I will admit that I have a problem: I love bags of all shapes and sizes. However I still haven’t found THE perfect bag. Will this be it? I want to win this bag badly because thanks to this lousy economy I can’t buy this bag to see if it would be THE perfect bag. And that makes me weep. Plus my knitting would look rad peeking out of the top as I head to knit night.
    ::fingers and toes crossed::

  172. Heather says:

    I would love to own an Amy Butler bag! I adore all her fabrics and have been tempted to buy a pattern and a few yards, but as I’m laid off, I can’t justify the expense. Please please please pick me!

  173. kiely says:

    This is bag is why I want to learn to sew – it is my inspriation- it makes me want to be crafty. If I had this bag I would be reminded of why I am learning to sew on my grandmothers old sewing machine.

  174. Anna says:

    I would use this as a project bag for my cross-stitch, and it would let everyone know that cross-stitch isn’t just for old ladies. We’re hip!

  175. beverly says:

    Why do I need this bag? Because I deserve a little something. Not that anyone else doesn’t, but hey, this poor mama has been sewing for her little ones & there’s no time left for sewing for mama! So, please pick me.

  176. Helen D says:

    not only because it is beautiful, practical and will look good with my coat, but also because my long suffering boyfriend will appreciate it if I have a bag to put my project in, rather than in his rucksac. :)

  177. clwein says:

    Perfect for carrying all of my craft junk!

  178. Tallulah says:

    I need this bag for my annual family vacation on Sanibel Island this summer! The bag would be perfect for my knitting supplies, a good beach read, and for storing the shells Sanibel is famous for. The color is perfect, just like the Gulf, and would instantly remind of the treasured memories I have there. Amy Butler has certainly captured the spirit of a sweet life with this one!

  179. Stacey S. says:

    I need this bag to tote all my wip, magazines, and water bottle.

  180. Kelly G says:

    I have yet to ever win a blog giveaway, but I keep trying. I am especially trying this time because that bag is awesome.

  181. Casie B. says:

    I need this because it’s just so gorgeous! I bet it would work great as a diaper bag for now and perfect for a craft bag later. Gotta love a good looking bag that has multiple personalities!

  182. Shelly says:

    I neeed this bag because it would be perfect to tote my crochet grannie square project to work! Plus, I’m poor, so I can’t afford a new bag! haha!

  183. Lorene Shaw says:

    I need this bag because I’m currently using an old denim one to cart around my knitting supplies. Amy Butler’s tote would improve my overall look significantly!

  184. Lesley Karpiuk / pinktoque says:

    This is a beautiful bag! I need it to save me from carrying my knitting around in a plastic Safeway grocery bag. I would be so much more fashionable (and no way any holes would tear through that bag!)with this beautiful Amy Butler bag.

  185. Andrea says:

    I would LOVE to win this bag. I have been an AB fan for so long! I am always on the go and taking my crafts along w/ me, in case I have a free minute to craft. This would be perfect! Thanks for having such a fun give away!!

  186. amelia says:

    all of amy’s bags and fabrics are so beautiful, and I am always carrying way too much stuff with me on my commute. this bag would be the perfect addition to my mad toting needs!

  187. Christina says:

    i NEED this bag because my current bag has no little compartments for things–so i am always digging deep into the bottom, only to find some tupperware has leaked and it’s totally gross. i’d love to be organized with this bag!
    plus, i always tote at least one craft project to work on if i get time on the fly, so this bag would be perfect, and i wouldn’t be digging for knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc only to find they are lost in the ether.

  188. Jessica says:

    I need this bag because it would be a perfect camera gear bag for me! I would love to show up to weddings and engagements with this cute tote instead of my worn-out camera bag I normally use for news assignments. The compartments would be the perfect bag for organizing my lenses and extra camera bodies in style.

  189. Ammy says:

    I’m a mommy!
    Really, what more do I need to say? I have a momma’s bag and i could use something far more useful/pretty

  190. diamondridgegirl says:

    I need this bag to haul all my music from one practice to another and the crafts I attempt when watching the kids at their various sports activities.

  191. Magpie says:

    I either carry very little (wallet, phone, ipod, chapstick) or tons (books, laptop, knitting, etc…). When I tote around a ton of stuff, I have to use a massive bag. This would be the perfect in-between that I need, plus it’s pretty

  192. says:

    That is super cute! I need this bag because I get a lot of my knitting done while I’m hanging out with my (non-knitting) friends. And as it comes up to summer free music/outdoor movie/festival season, I’ll need something that can fit both my project and my other stuff (sunscreen, water, etc) and be ready to go at a moment’s notice!
    I don’t see a spot to fill in email (maybe it’s being pulled in automatically by my openid?) but it is spinstah at gmail dot com.

  193. Bre says:

    It’s such a lovely bag! Being 26, single, and living in a suburb where the only other folks who do any knitting are older ladies, I need something to remind folks that crafting knows no ages and is accessible to everyone! Many of my students (I work with college students) are starting to show an interest in what I’m doing with my needles – a fun, vibrant bag like that reaffirms that crafting is just as youthful and exciting as facebooking :)

  194. Baba says:

    This is just what I need for all my knitting and crochet to carry with me! Plus room for my wallet. Fabulous!

  195. missameredith says:

    I love her designs. I NEED this bag (okay so I don’t NEEEEEDD it) but I would really appreciate it. I only have one other bag and it’s falling apart! Of course I’ll use my crafty skills to fix it as best as I can, but a new bag would be totally cool! I can’t afford one and I’m looking for jobs at the moment since I just got out of college classes, but I’m not having any luck after 30+ applications (!!!!). Help a sister out!

  196. Jess says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect knitting bag to take with me on all the car and plane trips we have planned for this summer and fall, and the Sanibel would be PERFECT! Plus, who can resist something made out of Amy’s gorgeous fabrics?

  197. stephanie says:

    such a beautiful bag. would carry my life in it this summer, all around town, and to both of my two jobs. i need some cuteness and sunshine so i need this bag! :)

  198. Julia Pineda says:

    I have a love of all things Amy Butler. This bag would be perfect to hold all of the felting supplies I just bought and learned to use. Fingers Crossed! Thanks.

  199. Lindsey says:

    I love this bag…so cute!! I need this bag to carry around all of my summer crochet and knitting projects! :)

  200. Audrey says:

    I would love using this beautiful bag to tote my wip around. It would definitely be more stylish than the ziploc bag I’m using!

  201. Babette M. says:

    Oh, that bag is just gorgeous. I really don’t have a good knitting bag; usually I just take along any small projects in my purse. It can be a pain to try to pull pens and keys and various other purse contents out of your ball of yarn.
    I’m also going to be taking up lots of art and photography classes as I take the plunge 10 years after graduating from high school and begin art school. I’ll definitely need a sturdy, stylish tote.

  202. Cassie says:

    I need this sweet little bag to carry my DPN’s in…so they don’t stab me from the bottom of my purse and get lost :P

  203. diamondridgegirl says:

    I need this bag to haul all my crafty things when shuffling children here and there!

  204. Caitlin says:

    I’ll be knitting a wedding blanket for my cousin’s marriage (coming up in September) and really need a way to cart the project around…I would love this bag to be it!

  205. diamondridgegirl says:

    I neeeeeeed this bag!

  206. Patty B. says:

    Why do I need this bag? Let me count the ways …
    1. For INSPIRATION: Finally, a compelling reason to dig out those unfinished projects!
    2. For ORGANIZATION: I know my home will magically fall into order in the presence of this bag.
    3. For the WOW factor: I can’t wait to impress my Vera-carrying friends.
    Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  207. Kimberly S. says:

    I carry so many things with me on a daily basis. My iPod, DS, planner, blackberry, journal, scrapbooking items, scissors, wallet…you name it, it goes in my bag.
    I am always off to a scrapbooking party or crop somewhere, or in the office. Always on the go and I NEED this bag!

  208. Leslie says:

    YES PLZ! What an awesome bag…as it stands I have no dedicated knitting bag. I just sort of stuff everything into my purse, and there’s been a few times that my knitting holders have fallen off and I’ve had to start over. Plus, I love Amy Butler fabric!!!

  209. Amy says:

    I need this bag to get it back in order!

  210. Katie M says:

    i NEED this bag because it is so cute! I love it…and i have 2 little babies and I am taking them on their first airplane ride to Florida next month! This bag will make whatever comes up SO much easier to bear. :)

  211. CraftyGrrl says:

    This bag would help me organize my knitting and I’d look stylish carrying it around. I love it! I want one!

  212. Christin says:

    This tote is amazing! The colors and pattern is gorgeous, and it’d be just the thing to get my knitting and crocheting in order! :-D

  213. Sonja says:

    Oof, this bag is a dream come true to corral all those goods I haul everywhere I go. I love all fabrics Amy Butler, but this just elevates that to drooling desire!

  214. Jen says:

    Lovely! I need this bag because it would be a serious improvement to the plastic bag I currently use to cart my projects around.

  215. Mary Beth says:

    I need this bag because I’m doing everything I can this year to finally get my house – and my life – organized!

  216. Jeanne says:

    I would like this bag to help me tote around all the toddler, baby, and work supplies I need in one stylish looking bag

  217. Amy says:

    I am a working attorney, full time mother, wife, knitter and sewer, who serves on three boards – my local Rotary club, my daughter’s preschool, and my son’s elementary school’s PTO, and who teaches knitting classes at her LYS. This bag will save me from my current state of being – drowning in the aftermath of my neverending multi-tasking. With this bag, everything would be in one place. I can just feel the organized vibes emanating from it! Look at all those pockets!!! I see all those pockets and know for sure that with that bag, I will never again spend five minutes ripping new hangnails while I frantically dig around for my cell phone, I will never be late because I will always know where my keys are, I will always have a pen handy, and I will NEVER again be stranded without a WIP.
    When I was a kid, my favorite part of the year was just before school started. I loved buying school supplies – especially new backpacks. I’d spend hours organizing it. I feel all giddy just thinking about the possibility of spending some time with one of Amy Butler’s Sweet Life Bags. Now that would be a happy day!

  218. Noribeads says:

    Whenever I travel with my beading supplies, I always wind up carrying the stuff either in a plastic supermarket bag or one of the recycle bags…everything all bunched up together! The different pockets would make a lot easier and boy is it stylish!

  219. Margie Bennett says:

    I really need this bag! I’m a homeschooling mom to 3 kids ages 7,9 & 10. I never have enough room in my bags & I want something beautiful & stylish but practical!
    I haven’t had a new purse in quite some time. I need this bag!!!

  220. Teddi says:

    It’s sooooo beautiful! I NEED something beautiful to travel with my knitting this summer and beyond! I love this bag and I so rarely get to treat myself to beautiful things for my craft obsession!

  221. knittybynature says:

    I need this gorgeous bag to get me from the farmers market, to the beach, to my crafty gatherings and back home again!

  222. Chloe says:

    Super cute and functional! What else could you want? Nothing. I want this bag!! :-)

  223. Marie Ann says:

    Because it is so freaking beautiful! I love the fabric so much and the style looks so practical but gorgeous.

  224. teamcramer says:

    Where do i even start! New baby, need to carry ten million things, plus stuff my knitting, embroidery, and everything else in a bag lady now!
    I love love love amy butler fabrics and designs. i would make this bag proud!

  225. Rebecca Makas says:

    My current knitting bag was really inexpensive, and made of raffia or something like it, and it’s falling apart now. There’s always little bits of straw in my knitting! I really do need this bag…and it’s just gorgeous.

  226. sarahgringa says:

    endless time today
    dappled sunlight
    my first day off in months.
    drink my orange juice and know
    this will be my favorite day
    off to the farmer’s market to buy flowers
    delighted to find first berries of the season
    toss them in my sanibel
    bike, to go thrifting and find more books
    the bag expands and fits my new treasures
    stop to scribble a sketch of the musician on the corner
    weekly meet at the park (knit purl purl knit)
    today is my favorite day
    picnic prep goes in the bag, over the shoudler
    can’t forget my dslr
    live jazz at the terrace, sunset
    bike home
    today was the perfect day.
    or will it be tomorrow?

  227. haphap47 says:

    I need this bag because I’m a professional by day and I feel the need to wear dark, drab clothing to make me look professional. Ok, an occasional colorful blouse or accessory sneaks in, but most of my color is in my off time. And this bag would hold the things I enjoy doing in my off time, such as knitting. Then I could take my knitting with me wherever I go in my colorful life after work and I could be even happier.

  228. MelodyJ says:

    I need this bag because I can’t afford to buy a spring/summer bag right now. This will make my old wardrobe look fresh.

  229. Ashley says:

    I want this bag because I’m expecting my first child in October, and I think it will make the perfect bag for my sweet life as a crafty mama!

  230. Mary K. says:

    I want this bag…I need this bag! I crochet..a lot and with a new our new Pug puppy, Peaches, she is constantly taking off with my yarn…(PEACHES..DROP IT!)…or chews on my crochet hooks (NO!)…especially the wooden ones. I currently am using a cardboard box to keep things in but the Little Stinker is eating/chewing on the box and she opens it and takes my stuff out! Please consider me…PLEASE!
    …this is the day the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it. God bless all.

  231. Katya says:

    Several people recently have made snarky comments about my admittedly revolting Disneyland canvas messenger bag. It is somewhat grubby with beer and dirt from the nursery (the dirt is from the nursery, not the beer), and boy, it would be nice to swing my beautiful bag around proudly, and not have to hide my grubby knapsack behind my back.

  232. Christine says:

    I would love to have this bag because I am accompanying my husband to Germany, and this would be the perfect way to take some projects along on both of the 9 hour flights. The organizing pockets would make it so easy to find exactly what I was looking for without having to move much while crammed into my seat, and I would have a safe place to keep my ID and other important info in the little detachable bag.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for myself, but I do wish luck to all of the entrants. Whoever wins this bag will be very lucky, indeed.

  233. scansons says:

    10. One three year old son
    9. One 9 month old son
    8. One knitting group
    7. I’ll take it everywhere
    6. I already have the shoes to match. Also the perfect earrings
    5. It’s screaming my name
    4. My college backpack is held together with embroidery thread and beaded safety pins.
    3. It looks like it likes my taste in men. Also coffee.
    2. I’ll take it to the library, so if it gets lonely it can meet other bags. Cause everyone knows that libraries are the best singles meet up for great bags and packs everywhere.
    1. It’s soooo pretty!

  234. esperanza01 says:

    I just heard Mark Frauenfelde from speak, and got totally jazzed and inspired to start CRAFTING!!! I am a sewer, and have always loved Amy Butler fabrics. So what a better way to start my new crafting spree with a fabulous bag.

  235. Jessica says:

    I have recently started to do embroidery. Right now, I’m on my second piece. My supplies are limited as I am a beginner. I have one hoop, a fairly decent selection of floss colors and a pack of needles. I’m carrying them around in a giant zip lock bag (need I say more). This bag would make my project just as portable but a lot less amateur looking. It’s totally cute!

  236. Caroline Anderson says:

    This is the first time I have ever seen her work and I love it. In the fall I will be graduating with my degree in elementary education and this is the perfect teachers bag. I craft all the time with the students in my internship, because the school doesn’t have many resources I’m always bringing extra with me. And paying my way through college has not been easy, so this would be the perfect graduation present!

  237. Siobhan says:

    It is the perfectly contrasted accessory to go with the burnt-orange sundress I’m making (or trying to make) for my trip to Italy! I want to give American (especially Californian) crafters a good name on my international adventure, and this bag on my would seal the deal. There is enough room to buy knickknacks and fancy italian olive oil for friends and family, trusty crochet hook, sketchbook, camera, film, water bottle. If I don’t have this bag on my trip, I’ll either go thirsty or not be able to take pictures of anything…Huge Thirst plus 5 inch 6 pound camera lens means that I NEED THIS BAG!
    Please send me overseas stylish, organized, and fit to shine!

  238. Siobhan says:

    It is the perfectly contrasted accessory to go with the burnt-orange sundress I’m making (or trying to make) for my trip to Italy! I want to give American (especially Californian) crafters a good name on my international adventure, and this bag on my would seal the deal. There is enough room to buy knickknacks and fancy italian olive oil for friends and family, trusty crochet hook, sketchbook, camera, film, water bottle. If I don’t have this bag on my trip, I’ll either go thirsty or not be able to take pictures of anything…Huge Thirst plus 5 inch 6 pound camera lens means that I NEED THIS BAG!
    Please send me overseas stylish, organized, and fit to shine!

  239. Marsha says:

    I need this bag to carry all the knitting projects I have planned for the summer. My plan is to start working on Christmas gifts well in advance of the deadline!

  240. Arika says:

    I am such a huge fan of Amy Butler Patterns, fabric, and books. I would love, love, love to win this.

  241. Jen S says:

    My magic 8 ball – yes the same one that predicted Red Sox and Patriots wins in the past – said I would win this bag. So, you see, it is my density. I mean, my destiny.

  242. Alisha says:

    First, I love the design and color scheme of this bag–it looks very functional, yet very fun at the same time.
    Second, I do not have funds to buy such a beautiful bag, but would love to win it in this give-away!

  243. Sara says:

    I love this bag and would love to have it ’cause it’s turquoise! Thanks

  244. Chantel says:

    I need this bag because I have more projects than hands! I’m taking sewing classes, knitting my first sweater and coffee cup cozies, starting an embriodery experiment, have the orgami lantern project on deck, shooting a 365 Days project on digital while planning a 100 miles project to shoot on film.
    As you can imagine, I drop lots of things and cannot carry it all alone!
    Besides, that bag totally rocks.

  245. lauren says:

    Ahh, I love Amy Butler! I need this bag because I have been a huge Amy Butler fan for years now and love all her fabrics. My mother used to own a quilt store and I learned to sew there. These days I mostly make bags for myself, and I have been aching for one of Amy’s bags for a while now!

  246. Katie says:

    I need this bag because I am spending my honeymoon at a remote cabin overlooking the ocean and need to have my projects close at hand!

  247. j says:

    I need this bag, because the bag that I’ve been carrying, sad little number that picked up at an airport, is falling apart. It’s the only bag that I’ve found (until this pretty thing graced my computer screen) that had enough pockets for all the knitting and tutoring supplies that I’m schelping around everyday.

  248. janet lee says:

    Hi! I would love to have this bag. it’s summer and that means i want to cram in as much crafting as I can during these long sunlit days. it would be great if I can take my projects with me in the sweet tote.

  249. Ellen says:

    Oh! I need this bag because my current bag is suffering from d.c.i.b. disease (disgusting crud in bottom).

  250. Cheryl says:

    Just a week ago I was bullied out of my job due to my age and my race. I am 51 and have done well is saving in case of any emergency, but that will not last beyond a year. There is little chance of finding another job in my area any time soon. I am a spinster; no family close by; only two people to call friend who both work very long hours and have little time for me. The only things I have to keep me occupied besides my job search will be reading and my crafts.
    This bag would be would be perfect to help me get out of my small apartment and go to a coffee shop or park where there are other people. It might help to start conversations with others so I don’t feel so lonely. People are always fascinated when they see someone knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch, or doing any other craft. Maybe this could help me connect with others to form a craft circle, or lead to another job – or maybe a crafting business so I can continue to support myself.
    A sob story, yes, cause right now I’m just not feeling very thrilled with my life; but seeing the lovely colors in that bag gave me one of few smiles this week.
    Thank you.

  251. beautia says:

    I would use this bag to carry my knitting & crocheting around.

  252. WaterPixie says:

    This bag would be fabulous for toting around my current needlepoint projects! From road trips to my boys’ practices and Scouts!
    You can’t go wrong with an Amy Butler bag!

  253. cvkasdan says:

    I am preparing for impending motherhood and this bag could double as a knitting bag and a diaper bag. All the bags I’ve seen thus far have been disappointing, and this one is so adorable! I have already begun knitting and sewing my brains out for baby, and would really love this bag.

  254. Amanda Melton says:

    This bag is perfect for organizing my latest craft project. It will allow me to take my projects with me wherever I go..and it’s so beautiful, so I will carry it everywhere!

  255. Kristen B says:

    Lets just say that a hyper 1 year old keeps this mother running, and with that bag on my shoulder I would look one step up from cinderella and feel like a million bucks instead of a maid and a milkcow. (even if it was overflowing with diapers, bags of cheerios and skeins of yarn.)

  256. Petrice says:

    I’m starting graduate school in 2 weeks and this bag would be perfect to carry my knitting and a sac lunch.

  257. Alexandra says:

    I need this bag because I am going to have the whole summer off and will be taking my crafting everywhere with me!

  258. Cath says:

    First: I love this fabric. Second: I really need a bag to take my knitting everywhere and a couple of books too. Two passions combined <3

  259. Amanda says:

    I’ve been unmotivated to pick up my knitting lately, and a beautiful bag like that would really help to motivate me!!

  260. Emily says:

    OMG! I NEED this bag b/c I am always toting around SO much stuff to and from– everywhere it seems. And I am always working on something in my travels, it would be great to have a bag that is well designed and equipped everywhere I go!

  261. Megera says:

    Wow! What a great bag!
    I need a dedicated knitting/crafting bag so I don’t keep filling up our reusable grocery bags with projects!

  262. Debby says:

    I need this bag because I am feeling old and stale and it would give me a snap and a boost in my mood and my look.

  263. Melissa H. says:

    I love bags and this one is absolutely adorable. The fabric is awesome, the shape of the bag is totally functional. I love it!

  264. thoushaltcupcake says:

    I need this bag so I can organize my life. I love lists and have a bag far too small. If I got this bag I’d use it for everything from going to school to camping to airplanes!
    Please pick ME!

  265. Lisa says:

    I love this bag! Amy Butler fabrics are just the best, first of all. I will be travelling a lot this summer and want to take my knitting and crafts with me and don’t have a single decent bag for any of it!

  266. Lisa says:

    I love this bag! Amy Butler fabrics are just the best, first of all. I will be travelling a lot this summer and want to take my knitting and crafts with me and don’t have a single decent bag for any of it!

  267. ksinmt says:

    I want to win this bag to carry around my latest craft project (adding beads to a purchased vest) it looks like the perfect solution!! Kathy

  268. Gwen Blazeichuk says:

    I love Amy Butler fabric, and have a few patterns of hers at home that I am dying to start! I need this bag to keep myself organized this summer now that my twins are born!

  269. Barrett says:

    OK, it’s going to sound weird, but I think this bag would be great to carry my cat around in. She gets pretty lonely during the day and loves going outside, but hates being on a leash and harness. This would be great for her to peek out of as I run around town!
    Plus, it isn’t one of those ugly and super bulky pet carrier bags!

  270. imaleopardlover says:

    I really like the look of this bag. I recently started crocheting and I’ve been looking for a good way to keep my things organized. I think this would be perfect!

  271. Ellen Ault says:

    I will be traveling to Scotland next month and need a travel bag! It looks like a great carry on!
    I love Amy Butler, and a few months ago made her laptop cover. Great stuff!

  272. Linda F says:

    This would certainly come in handy this summer. I’ll be spending a lot of time at my daughter’s house, as she’ll likely be on bed rest till her baby arrives. This will be perfect not only toting my latest project and book, but also a nice snack from the deli!

  273. kysha plante says:

    I take crafts and a book everywhere I go. This bag looks like it would be awesome to carry to school, work, and the fire department where I volunteer. I have very few moments to craft or read so I try to take them seriously. Right now everything is in my very large purse.

  274. Julie says:

    It’s so hard to find a tote bag that is both cute and sturdy enough to hold my laptop and textbooks. I was thinking of sewing my own tote bag, but my sewing skills are beginner at best. The design and fabric are adorable, and I’d use this tote bag all the time!

  275. me says:

    I would love to win this bag! I keep almost losing my knitting needles in my current, well abused bag that I am ashamed to take with me. This bag would inspire me to take it and my projects with me when I went out and turn my WIP to FOs. :)

  276. Rebecca says:

    I would LOVE to win this – perfect for carrying around a quilt that needs basting and would work awesome as a diaper bag (I’ll be needing a large one again when our little one arrives). This would also make a great carry-on tote for our family trips coming up. Thanks for the chance!

  277. Kendra says:

    I spend my summer days going back and forth between my two day jobs in child care, my night job babysitting and a little time at the beach in between. I’m always looking for a bag to hold my essentials as well as beach toys, kids books, snacks, my knitting and a book for me as well! Look at all those divine pockets- this bag would be a perfect way to help me keep at least a little bit sane this summer!

  278. bethany says:

    This bag is beautiful and it has a ton of pockets. I am need of a great bag with tons of pockets after last week when I drowned my phone by accidentally throwing a not closed water bottle into my bag (with no pockets)!

  279. Stacy says:

    I need this bag because it so gosh darn cute! I don’t have a bag this size and I really need to lighten my load sometimes – and what a cute way to do it!

  280. Isabel says:

    It is the perfect gift for my mum, so modern and so practical :)

  281. Jeanie says:

    I need this bag because it’s calling my name and I must obey!

  282. Briar says:

    I need this bag to carry my knitting on planes! I always try to put it in a plastic bag in my regular purse, which has no structure – this bag has so many pockets, I can use it as my travel purse and still have all of my knitting notions! Plus it’s super cute (obvi).

  283. susan says:

    i just NEED this bag! pure lust for it—many, many uses are coming to mind!

  284. ftbooks says:

    and in a lovely fabric, too!

  285. Kiriko Moth says:

    -Farmer’s market shopping
    -Carrying knitting supplies
    -Picnics at the park
    -Trips to the library
    -Adding to my growing tote collection
    Also, it’s my favorite color!

  286. RebeccaG says:

    What beautiful bags in lovely fabrics! I want it to organize my knitting needles, knitting projects and accompanying errata… to take everything on trips this summer (car, boat, plane)… and to look incredibly stylish and chic at the same time. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous bags with us.

  287. Anonymous says:

    I SO NEED THIS BAG!! It would be perfect to cram a couple of diapers, all my purse junk and my latest crafty project (toothbrush rag rugs) into and tote to the park with my son!!

  288. Sarah says:

    I need this bag because it is gorgeous and I can’t afford to buy one. It would also be way better than using Target bags to hold my knitting projects.

  289. ann says:

    ahhh cute bag, i am a design student and this would be PERFECT for holding my supplies!

  290. Ashley says:

    I need this bag to have an excuse to go out and show off how cute it is!

  291. Justine says:

    I need this bag so that I can take myself, my dog, and my crafting outside my apartment and enjoy the nice weather. Mmmm, crocheting or knitting under a tree….

  292. Beth says:

    This bag would be perfect for carrying my crochet projects, which are currently toted in a plastic grocery bag.

  293. maryetta5 says:

    because on Sundays I leave my home, hubby, and yarn stash in the NC mountains and head for Durham, NC, where I am Nana and nanny to TWO sets of twin grandbabies. Between diapers and feedings I nourish myself creatively through crochet. This bag would keep my projects at the ready for those magic moments!

  294. Deb says:

    i need this bag for so many reasons but the biggets being to organize my day to day life as i go about doing things with/for the kids, myself, hubby and 2 schools – pockets are my best friend for organizing

  295. Laura says:

    It’s so beautiful! I’d love to get this bag and use it as an everyday purse because my current purse is getting really natty looking.

  296. maryetta5 says:

    forgot my email address in the comment

  297. emi says:

    i need this bag because i love amy butler fabrics, and my current bag is old, stringy, and boring!

  298. Kala says:

    Such a cute bag! I need it because my crafting stuff is always laying all over the apartment and I’d love to be a bit more organzied.

  299. Wendy says:

    I need this bag because it’s gorgeous and perfect for summer.

  300. sara says:

    I need this bag because you have no idea how many skeins of yarn I have rolling around my living room – they need to be contained!

  301. Gwyn says:

    I would love to have this bag. I’m always looking for bags that I can bring both my yarn and my textbooks around in. Unfortunately, as a college student I don’t really have the money to be spending on high quality bags, and a lot of promising looking bags end up bursting in one way or another… oops :)

  302. Holly says:

    I knew there was a valid reason I have put off learning to knit for so long… I needed this bag to carry supplies!

  303. Jennifer says:

    I would live this bag for all of my crochet projects or even to have all my cake sketches in when I talk with people about their cake they want to order, but bottom line is the 25th is my birthday and I would love to receive this as a happy birthday to me! lol Thanks for the chance, it is beautiful!!

  304. Jenn says:

    I need this bag because, after three months of job-searching after being laid off in Feb, I think I’m getting an offer next week. The commute is long and I’ll probably hang out at the Starbucks in the building until the traffic dies down, or maybe join a gym near the office. In either case, this bag would be fabulous for holding books and knitting (coffee house) or a set of clothes – and will hold them in fabulous style! Not to mention that it’s also my favorite colors and would match my main purse perfectly. I love it!

  305. Julie Wurm says:

    The following are all the reasons why I need this bag:
    1) I work for a non-profit organization and cannot not afford to buy such a nice bag
    2) I work with animals and have very few things that I can honestly say have not been covered with animal-anything (fur, drool, etc) at one time or another
    3) I am currently keeping my yarn stash in a series of plastic bags from the supermarket for lack of a better place for them
    4) My three cats like to treat plastic bags as their own personal caves to be excavated
    5) My dog thinks all plastic bags have food in them and that food is for him
    6) I’d rather not knit with yarn that has been shredded by cats and covered in dog droll
    7) I think working for the Humane Society affords me a certain amount of good karma and maybe all that karma will mean that I will be the winner of a free bag for my yarn!
    If those reasons aren’t enough, just look at my last name. It’s the best last name, ever! Anyone with a last name this cool should have a beautiful bag to go with it :P

  306. LindaS says:

    I need it because its a gorgeous ray of summer sunshine in the wintery , rainy southern hemisphere where I am!

  307. Sarah Jo says:

    Oh, man! Amy Butler makes the hottest stuff – this bag is so so hot! Just in time for summer. What else is hot? I’m moving one town over and down the road from my best friend. My best and craftiest friend. And we are already planning craftastic get togethers. We’re seeing embroidery coffee breaks and Sewing Saturdays. This bag will help me cart my whosits, doodads, and notions out and about to BF’s and back. What’s hotter than that?!

  308. dr15 says:

    to cheer me up :-(

  309. DebbieKL says:

    I need a diaper bag replacement and this would work perfectly! Thanks!

  310. Carissa says:

    This bag would be great for my new DSLR!

  311. schnetzy says:

    First of all this bag is adorable. Secondly I just found out I am having a baby and this would make an amazing baby bag! Please!

  312. Denise says:

    I need something to brighten my life! Laid off since January and going on endless job interviews with no results. This would look so stylish coming with me to interviews, since I always get there early, I knit/crochet to relax beforehand. It’s the perfect accessory!!

  313. TheCraftyKitten says:

    I would love it and use it daily! I currently carry one of the grocery store reusable green bags as my daily knitting/bookbinding bag but this would be cute and functional!

  314. says:

    I need this bag because I live in Daytona Beach and we’ve had over two feet of rain in the last week. Everything is gray and gloomy and wet down here. The bag is cute and bright and will help brighten up the day of those who see me with it!

  315. Megan says:

    This bag would be perfect for summer knitting and the print is so cool!

  316. Rachel R says:

    This bag is so SO cute. I need this bag because it’s big enough to carry around my essential summer ‘stuff’ – sketchbook and pencil case/watercolors and camera for scheming up ideas and memory keeping, summer reading, ds, iphone and the embroidery projects I’m planning on tackling. And geez, did I mention it’s gosh-darn CUTE!?! I love it.

  317. Jen says:

    I love Amy Butler fabric. I made my own Swing Bag. I also knit and could definitely use this cute bag as my knitting bag! Please pick me!

  318. onyah says:

    I am working on a hand-quilting project using Amy Butler prints that coordinate with my couch and ALSO coordinate with the bag pictured. If the bag were mine, I’d look like something out of magazine spread, sitting on my matchy couch with my matchy craft bag and matchy fabrics.

  319. david renó says:

    i need this bag to give to my girlfriend on valentines day….and i’m not gonna wait until next year! here in brasil valentine’s day is on june 12! =]

  320. Katie says:

    I want this bag because it’s adorable, and every women needs something pretty… especially when surrounded by boys all day!

  321. anne says:

    i really really want this bag – besides being beautifully designed, it is also practical & it would be a home to all of my happy crochet wips.

  322. Jeanne Wilson says:

    That’s such a pretty bag. The straps on my current knitting tote are starting to break loose so it would rock to have such a cute bag to replace it. Plus I’m a photographer and I bet it would hold my camera and it’s odds and ends very stylishly, too.

  323. Leigh says:

    I need this bag because like shoes, you can never have too many bags!

  324. vickie says:

    I would love to win this bag to revamp by outdated wardrobe… it would be an inspiration to pick out new items for spring…. I love how it has so many compartments (a student who almost needs to bring her home to school with her each day)

  325. Gina Hart says:

    Oh my goodness, what a dahling bag! The colors remind me of my favorite 70’s schemes, but the tote is funky and fresh. It would be perfect for packing my craft projects for a day on the patio, at the beach, or beyond.

  326. Laura says:

    I need this bag because I am on a quest for the perfect bag and I think this one might actually be it!

  327. Tina W. says:

    I need this bag to store my knitting just like the picture!!! Plus Amy Butler has some seriously sophisticated patterns, love her!

  328. Panya says:

    We moved into a new house and with this bag I’d be able to take my yarn with me to crochet out on my new patio. Plus, it’s lovely!

  329. Anita says:

    I am recently learning how to crochet a blanket for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas. This would be perfect for me to keep all my supplies in order while I create something for her that she will have for many years to come.

  330. Jazmin says:

    I need this bag because currently I only carry around a diaper bag. I’d love to have a bag just for me!

  331. Jessica says:

    You showed the bag with yarn and this is why I need the bag: to knit on the go this summer!! It’s beautiful and has excellent construction to be used as a knitting tote. I also love the print of the fabric.

  332. Angela says:

    because I am forever digging around inside my purse to find my pen, or measuring tape, or camera, or phone, or the one DPN that’s not stuck into the sock. Those little outside pockets would just be so useful!

  333. Leigh says:

    Oh, my! Of COURSE I need this bag – who doesn’t?!? It’s so beautiful! I’m surrounded by my boys all day, and this bag would definitely give me a little feminine escape from all the testosterone in my house.

  334. Andi says:

    I would love to have this bag because:
    1) I’ve never owned a knitting tote.
    2) Every time I travel with my knitting, I take it either in a Ziploc or a shopping bag. That’s just sad.
    3) I adore Amy Butler. If I win this bag, it may very well be the most stylish thing in my wardrobe.

  335. Kristina says:

    I would love this bag to transport my knitting and other crafty ventures back and forth from mine to my boyfriends house.

  336. Lisa A says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect handbag that can carry my knitting while disguised as an everyday bag. Sanibel is it!

  337. lillyanna says:

    My first thought when I read about this was the cross stitch project I carry to the hospital in a zip lock baggy. Every time a family member is sick in the hospital I take it with me to sit with them. Something to do while they hopefully mend. It was something I started when my mother was in the hospital with lung cancer. That didn’t end as well as the time I brought it when my daughter gave birth to my grand daughter.
    It would be wonderful to never need to sit at the hospital again. That is unlikely though. It would be just as wonderful to at least be able to carry my project in a beautiful bag like this.
    Thank you,

  338. Jessica says:

    I love these bags. They have pockets for everything.

  339. Trish says:

    I need this bag because I’m currently carrying an ugly plastic diaper bag for my 9 month old and I’d really love a nice, trendy bag again. And Amy Butler’s patterns are gorgeous!

  340. Gina says:

    I need this bag because I haven’t had a new bag in 2 years, and I am saving all my money for my baby coming in August. I would also use this bag as a non-baby bag baby bag. Nice.

  341. Liana says:

    I NEED this bag because I am currently unemployed (mother of a 7 month old) and the only way I can think to make money until I find work is to knit and crochet for friends family and strangers. This bag would keep my yarn off the floor and out of plastic bags. Organized and clean!

  342. Jen says:

    I’m a busy mom of 2 kids – one 3.5, one 15 months – so I need a bag that can hold everything. Keys, wallet, cellphone, knitting project (usually a sock), diapers, wipes, lipstick, snacks, sippy cups, sigg bottle, bandaids, dayplanner, moleskine, sunglasses for everyone…my bags tend to be a bit like Mary Poppins’ large purse or Hermione Granger’s small beaded bag – you want something, it’s likely in there somewhere. But who wants a boring leather tote from Target or a one-compartment canvas monstrosity? Motherhood hasn’t taken my sense of style or my appreciation for good craftsmanship! Down with boring! Up with pretty and functional!

  343. Meghan Caterino says:

    I would love this bag. I really could use a functional bag to carry my stuff in- like my latest knitting project or handmade doll. This looks perfect. My 1 year old well think I should use it for her stuff because it is so cute….but this is one time I will have to keep it for myself.

  344. Renee says:

    I need this bag so I can give it to my sister. She was a teacher until her school was closed due to small enrollment numbers. She now uses Amy Butler fabric to sew baby clothes for her friends’ children. She loves Amy Butler fabric and is completely deserving of this fantastic bag to store her craft projects in.

  345. Susan says:

    My life is sweet so this bag perfectly suits!~

  346. Kate Bessey says:

    I love this bag!!!

  347. Leslie says:

    One this bag is just so beautiful! But two my knitting supplies are exploding all around me, they are begging to be organized and this would do the trick!

  348. camelama says:

    I need this bag for all my embroidery projects I have going on this summer! Just think how many dish towels I could have in progress, and stored in the bag… :)

  349. JJ says:

    Beautiful! I need this tote to carry along crochet projects. There’s room for my supplies plus my mom gear!

  350. Alice says:

    Oh how lovely! I’m running out of bags to keep all the knitting projects I’ve started this summer…but I have a feeling whichever project ends up in this bag would get priority!!! :D

  351. Alicia Epperly says:

    I need this bag because it makes me smile! and it would be perfect for my projects.

  352. Ellen Q says:

    I need this bag because I’m trying to craft in public more and this would let me do it in major style!!!

  353. Kimberly Pye says:

    I neeeeed this bag because it’s too lovely NOT to need!
    I have a tote for my knitting, but it doesn’t have all those nice little compartments. And it’s not in this pretty Amy Butler print.
    Need it so bad. :-)

  354. km says:

    It was my birthday this week!

  355. Robin says:

    …and her patterns are beautiful!

  356. iris mishly says:

    oh dear!!, this is the bag i was dreaming about! my husband is always trying to buy me cool bags from the US when he is visiting there and it’s never what i need!! i end up giving away my own bags because they never fit :)
    i will love to have this one!
    thank you so much for the opportunity!

  357. Elana says:

    First, it’s gorgeous. Second, it’s gorgeous :-). My friend has one, and I can’t get over how much can fit in it. It would be great, as I can fit stuff for the baby, my knitting project, the 7 year old’s stuff too, and have it all in one bag. Plus I get to look like a Together Mama, when right now I look like DisheveledMama.
    I never get myself anything nice. This would be that thing.

  358. Erin N. says:

    How adorable. Who doesn’t need sweet things? Not me! Love it, need it, want it! Thanks for the contest!

  359. Anniina says:

    Loving the fabric, it’s so beautiful!

  360. kim says:

    I need this bag so that I can give it to my mom :D

  361. upstatelisa says:

    I would love a new bag! spring is a great time to put all your worldly belongings in a new bag!!!

  362. Jamie B. says:

    This would be a great bag to use on trips to the park or beach.

  363. Debbie says:

    I love the look of this bag…. Why do I need it…
    It would hold my x-stitching projects all in one place with all my cottons and the pattern I’m using while I’m working on it. At the moment I’m using plastic bags. Help me to eleminate that evil.
    Thank you

  364. Mel says:

    Those are some lovely bags! I really like the Sanibel in celery!
    I would love this bag as my regular project bag has peed on by my husband’s cat and the cleaning has proved futile. The bag is dead and now I need another.

  365. Vicki-Lou says:

    I would love this bag as I would love to bring my current crochet and/or cross stitch projects to the park, but have no tote to do so. I love the style and color of it.
    Good luck to everyone!

  366. absurdlyvulgar says:
    i need this bag because this summer will be the summer of road trips and i love to craft while on long rides.

  367. Katie says:

    I need this bag because I am going to Italy in the fall for four months and I need a great travel bag for those long train rides around Europe! How will I manage to bring my knitting otherwise!

  368. Marsha says:

    Need? Who wouldn’t need this bag. I can already see me using it for so many different things. Let’s see, heading out to my quilt group, next day organizing a trip to the library, then another day heading over to my friend’s house to learn some more scrap booking. Biggest need… it is just so darn cute and I would be the envy of all my craft buddies :o)

  369. molifer says:

    I would love to be gifted this bag to tote around my current projects (which are many). Between house sitting for my parents, picnics at the park and sitting out on the back patio, this tote would be put to good use all summer long.

  370. Johanna says:

    Yummy! The bag and fabric (all of her fabric) is fabulous.
    That would be the perfect bag to tote my crocheting and journaling supplies with me on vacation to Sanibel (florida)!

  371. Melissa says:

    I need Amy Butler’s Sanibel bag to round out my collection! I’ve made a couple bags using her patterns and fabrics, I have all of her books (two of which are signed) and some of her stationery products. Clearly, I’m an Amy Butler fan and I really need this Sanibel bag to tote my projects around this summer when I take the kids to their outings. Thanks for the opportunity.

  372. Kim says:

    Oooooh…my knitting NEEDS a pretty bag to sit in!

  373. Jen says:

    I need this bag because it’s cute, and because I travel to my boyfriend’s house every weekend and need a new project tote!

  374. Simone Caldwell says:

    I need this bag because I haven’t bought myself anything new for many months – my whole spring/summer wardrobe as well as those of my 2 tween daughters has has been “refashioned” from fabrics, sheets or pillowcases picked up at thrift stores. I would love something beautiful that I haven’t had to figure out how to make. (Have I mentioned that I’m just learning to sew in the process? I haven’t had one lesson, I’m learning with trial and error and the internet!) I NEED this bag! :)

  375. sharon says:

    I need this bag because it is beautiful

  376. Nanc says:

    Another one of hundreds vying for this tote. I need this tote to help with all the stuff I carry on a daily basis: baby stuff, craft stuff, and my typical work schleppings: lunch, iPod, wallet. Help make me less of a pack mule (or at least a more stylish one).

  377. allison says:

    Thanks for offering this contest!
    I’d like to win the bag because I stuff all my craft projects into a plastic bag when I’m on the go!! Not very fashionable, to say the least. :D

  378. ikisti says:

    why I need this bag. Well if you asked the boy, he would say “don’t you have enough bags” but really all my bags are back-packs, camera bags or horrible things that my mom has given me. I would be great to have a bag that is functional and is cute too. So there why i need it.
    “Ikisti rolls ‘need’ on the Amy Butler Sweet Life Bag”

  379. Jessica says:

    I really need this bag because I am a high school teacher and I have so many things I need to tote back and forth all over the school and to my home. The fabric is so pretty!

  380. Emory says:

    I would love to have it to carry my crafting around with me! This bag is so much cuter than the old canvas bags I’m using now.

  381. sherr says:

    The timing is perfect!
    I met my husband 27 years ago on SANIBEL ISLAND and our wedding anniversary is May 29th. I am a self taught needle felter and this bag looks perfect for travel/crafting.
    The bag is beautiful and Amy butler has such wonderful fabrics, so how could it not be gorgeous.
    Sherrie Laporte

  382. Robin Pichelmayer says:

    Oh, so pretty!!! I need this bag because my husband was laid off from his job yesterday; This would be a huge pick-me-up from such a terrible way to start a holiday weekend.

  383. Abril says:

    This bag is beautiful! I knit and I´m currently using a plastic grocery bag that I carry inside my purse, as my ¨project bag¨. This would be such an upgrade!

  384. Laurie Garza says:

    I need this bag because mine are so sucky!
    ….and this one one most definately not. I use zipper-lock bags and the like to carry around my projects wherever I go.
    Emroidery, knitting, crafts in a zip-bag look so yucky!
    Come on, come on, help me get lucky!

  385. MYOHO VIE says:

    The bag is great, you do wonderful work. It would look so good on my arm in San Marcos Texas. I sould be so proud to show off your talent at my Senior Center .

  386. says:

    No joke! I had my knitting bag in the front seat of my car. I was taking a sock knitting class and my sock (that blood sweat and tears sock) was in the bag.
    My car got broken into, as luck would have it, I also had my camera in the bag to take pictures of my (blood, sweat and tears) sock.
    The thieves took the camera and emptied out my knitting bag to store their loot, guess what they left behind? The sock!
    I have a sock knitting project without a bag, it’s living in a ziploc now. That’s sad.

  387. temple says:

    how cool would THAT be, to win something as awesome as an amy butler bag on my freakin birthday!

  388. Megan says:

    I can use all the pockets to stash watercolors, brushes, papers, yarns, and baby gear too… for a summer of art+craft *and* tending to a new one.

  389. purlgurl says:

    I can’t think of any reason why I should win this bag over everyone else who covets it as much as I do, so suffice to say I love all of Amy Butler’s products, her fabrics are to die for and I would simply love to look at my favourite and current knitting, crochet and sewing projects tucked away in such a beautiful thing.

  390. Hespetre says:

    What a pretty bag!
    I’d like one of those!

  391. snickel says:

    I need this bag because my craft projects don’t really fit in my purse anymore, heh.

  392. hotrodgal says:

    I can think of tons of places I could use this bag, but the biggest and most important one is that my sister is about to have a baby and I have been tasked with being in the delivery room with her. That responsibility also comes with the need to bring a lot of stuff, so it would be great to have a bag that could carry a lot of things in an organized way. I need to pack camera stuff, snacks, stuff to do during the wait, paperwork, etc., and this bag would make it all organized and easy to carry. Plus it’s just so cute!

  393. Jessie says:

    I would love to have this bag because it would be great for toting around the multiple projects I carry like a security blanket at all times. Also, it would help me organize and pretty-up the craft clutter in my tiny apartment!

  394. Sarah says:

    I need this bag for so many reasons. One, its pretty. Two, it will help me cut down on the forty seven million bags I carry to cart all my stuff around. Three, its pretty. Four, I love Amy Butler. Five, did I mention that it’s pretty?
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  395. Emily says:

    I need this bag as a gift for my Mom who gets back from a trip to Sanibel Island today and needs something to break her of her Vera Bradley addiction. ;)

  396. Cheryl Potemkin says:

    This would be the perfect back to stash my current projects on the go along with all my baby supplies that I haul everywhere!

  397. ebi says:

    This bag would be perfect to keep my current knit/cross-stitch/felt projects in! Thanks! :)

  398. ggb says:

    I WANT THIS BAG!!!!!
    Aside from the fact that I really LOVE her bag styles (I have the Weekend Tote)and the fabric patterns, this bag would be the perfect one for me this summer. We will be traveling alot and this would be the perfect bag to hold all my embroidery supplies and projects!
    And I like the color too.
    And I need to add to my tote stash.

  399. Lorri says:

    I think I’d use the bag just the way it’s shown, carrying yarn and knitting accessories. Thanks for the giveaway.

  400. EarlyBirdSpecial says:

    I would love to have this bag! Anything with this many pockets will surely help to keep my embroidery projects under control. Very stylish! *fingers crossed*

  401. Lauren says:

    Please, I need this bag so I don’t have to make one for myself. That way I have more time to make the other things I want.

  402. Sarah says:

    I would love this bag since it would help organize my knitting projects and that would make me so very happy!

  403. SReed151 says:

    What better gift for number 35? I need that! : )

  404. Kelly March says:

    I need this bag for the summer. It would be perfect for all the soccer games I’ve got to look forward to. I knit at the fields and this would help me be organized & look great!

  405. Laurie says:

    I’ll be a new homeowner in a few weeks, and even with all the packing, cleaning, and moving, I’m still trying to work on my favorite WIP. The Sanibel tote would keep my project safe, portable, and easy to spot through all the chaos and out-of-boxes living.

  406. says:

    it´s beautiful!!!! i´m looking for a knitting bag, but this is just unaffordable…but i need it!!!

  407. kris says:

    i’ve tried hard to make nice bags like this but they never turn out that perfect! the little zipper pouch would be perfect for my ever-elusive blackberry. and my birthday is wednesday!

  408. Dana says:

    I love this bag and fabric!

  409. Marya says:

    I would love to start carrying my knitting in this bag instead of in old plastic grocery bags!

  410. Alissandra says:

    I just ADORE this bag! :)

  411. fuzzypeach says:

    I need this because the messenger bag/mini purse combo I’m using is laughably impractical! This would be a huge improvement. Thanks!

  412. kineret says:

    oh, how desperately i do need a new bag…

  413. Abby E says:

    I just had my 3rd child and the craft bag has been getting left behind lately with the re-addition of the diaper bag into the pile of bags that go with me everywhere now. I would love to have this bag so that I can take my crafting with me and maybe make it double as a diaper bag too!

  414. sewandsox says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win this bag! I need this bag because I’m tired (4 mo old boy at home) and I would really appreciate something this pretty.

  415. Kat says:

    Beautiful bag! I’d love it because I have had a crappy two weeks (dad had cardiac catherization, 2 year old daughter was taken to the Pediatric intensive care unit with pneumonia and rotovirus, and 2 year old son has hand foot and mouth disease…not to mention standardized testing at work and my annual review was yesterday) and I’d love to be able to haul around the crafts at the hospital that I’m working on (knitting a scarf, making graduation corsages for my seniors) without having to shove it in my purse.

  416. Kecia says:

    I’d love this bag because my toddler is getting too big for me to need a full diaper bag now and I’d love to have a bag that could hold both stuff to entertain him (toy trains) and me (knitting and such).
    Plus it’s beautiful!

  417. Jane says:

    I would love this bag forever. It is my favorite color and would be perfect to take my travel knitting back and forth to work in on public transportation. Lots of people would get to see and admire it.

  418. Jane says:

    I would love to have this bag because it is my favorite color. Later this summer I will start taking public transportation to work and everyone could see and admire it. I would carry my commuting knitting in it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  419. Mands says:

    I need this beautiful bag for my craftiness paraphernalia as I try to live out my new dream of selling my crafts! I’ve been out of work for 10 months and need this little tote of inspiration to help push me to get going on my dream!

  420. scootles says:

    Ooooooh, I need this bag because it is just beautiful! Having rediscovered my love of knitting, I need something beautiful to carry my stuff in.

  421. Cortney says:

    I need this bag as it’s stunningly gorgeous, but I’m not currently in a financial situation that would allow me to purchase such awesomeness.

  422. Jenni says:

    I need the bag because it is beautiful. I would love a beautiful bag to carry knitting it. Maybe then I would remember it more often.

  423. Richelle F says:

    I love the beautiful pattern. And all the pockets. I would love to have this to carry stuff around!

  424. Shannon says:

    Ohhhhh, I want one! Pick me, pick me! I love this bag!

  425. Pamela says:

    Oh how I need a new bag for my knitting. I am currently carrying around my current knitted WIP in a plastic grocery bag!
    Thanks so much – Pam (

  426. kelley says:

    I need this bag for my blue-loving daughter who’s learning how to knit and loves to craft. Her favorite thing to do is look at something and say “I can do that”, and figure out what supplies she needs. I’ve learned that she is as unorganized as she is creative. She doesn’t need me to teach her how o create, but how to corral and manage her stuff. This bag looks like it would be a big help for her creations and a lovely incentive to be tidier about it!

  427. Jennifer says:

    Oooooh, I want that bag. I’m pretty sure my life would be complete if I owned it.

  428. kay_z7 says:

    I want this bag because I have a whole bunch of random stuff and no bag to put it in! <3

  429. Cate says:

    I really love this bag and it would be perfect to carry all my wordly goods on my holiday in China!

  430. Eleanor (undeadgoat) says:

    I need this bag because I just got dumped via e-mail. I mean granted it was a long-distance relationship BUT STILL. Also because I don’t have a good knitting bag.

  431. Rebecca says:

    Right now, I don’t have anywhere to store my crocheting things and the cats keep getting into my supplies. So I’d love a bag!
    Money’s tight and I’ve been very ill- but this blog brings a smile to my face and gives me great ideas every day. So, thanks! And thanks for the contest.

  432. Hana K. says:

    I need this bag because it’s lovely and I love having lovely things.

  433. Adijirja says:

    I need this bag!!!! Why??? Because I knit too much and my home is very little…

  434. Eva Fernandez says:

    It’s a fabulous bag!, lovely colors… how not to enter the contest?

  435. Tina SK says:

    I want want want and definitely need need need this bag, for carrying my various projects and for bringing some light into my life! :) It’s cold and winter here in New Zealand, and this would really cheer us up. :)

  436. stacy says:

    I need this bag not only because I’m a HUGE Amy Butler fan but because I’m a new mom who needs to tote around lots of baby stuff – this bag would be perfect (plus a few crafty goods in there too!)

  437. EK says:

    Just in time for Knit in Public Day! I don’t usually craft as much in the warm weather-having a plastic tote will do that. But if I had this fabric bag, I would bring my knit and crochet wips with me everywhere. Here’s to crafting in public all year round!

  438. diysara says:

    I would love to have this bag to carry all my current projects :) The pattern and fabric is adorable – It would be sure to get a lot of attention.
    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  439. Amanda says:

    I seriously need that bag. Seriously. And let me tell you why. I just signed up to run my first marathon in November, and I fear that I may be bonkers. I think if I had a rockin bag like this one to tote around my knitting and crafty goods, then I might be more inclined to keep up with my knitting during marathon training season, and knitting helps to keep me sane. So in a nutshell, this bag is the key to my sanity. Help.

  440. Elizabeth A says: (Elizabeth A.)
    My key points as to why I should get the bag:
    1. I’m an 8th grade science teacher, and have to dealing with 120 crazy kids all year.
    2. I started knitting in February, and am totally addicted, to the point that I took knitting projects to the class trip at Six Flags amusement park yesterday.
    3. I’m putting my wife through school, so two adults and a dog are living on a teacher’s salary.
    4. I would tell everyone who commented on the bag the story of how I got it, resulting in free advertising and good vibes for both Craftzine and Amy Butler.
    5. The blue and brown of the bag in the picture match my house paint, and I could put my hand-sewn needle bag into it.
    Pleasepleaseplease consider me!

  441. Nina says:

    Aww, I’d love to win this bag, it’s so adorable
    And here’s the reason why I need it:
    Five days ago, i just moved to another country, I now live in Germany and for sure, took my little cat with me. Poor thing, she’s a bit of a shy one and decided to occupy my current tote. She loves to sleep and snuggle in it since we moved, so how could i refuse her to do so. But I definitely need a new bag and Amy Butler’s Sanibel would be awesome :)

  442. stina says:

    Today I went out with three bags, one inside another. I really need a tote to sort my life out!

  443. Violet says:

    OMG, who wouldn’t love this bag?! I’d love to take it with me on my crazy-long commute to work to work on my knitting, with something to read tucked away as well!

  444. Malinda says:

    oh gosh – I would love this bag for carrying around my crochet projects! I’ve been using a plastic grocery bag…

  445. LisaW says:

    I love it! We’re going on vacation (without kids!) later this summer, and I’d love to carry my projects and magazines in style. Thanks!

  446. ikkinlala says:

    May Canadians enter? I need this bag because not all of my knitting projects are small enough to fit in a ziploc.

  447. Sarah says:

    This bag is just what I’ve been searching for! I literally spent the past few weeks looking for a large bag with several pockets. I currently carry a cheap tote because I can’t really afford otherwise.
    I paint, craft, and sew various creatures. They would love to hang from the pockets of this bag along with my crafting tools!
    I’ve been working towards setting up an Etsy shop, and part of my dilemma has been getting the organization I need to get started. Being a student and a pre-school teacher, it’s hard for me to keep myself organized. This beautiful Amy Butler bag would keep me in check and do it with style!

  448. adrienne says:

    I looove Amy Butler’s work. But the reason I’d love and cherish this bag? I don’t own anything big, or well-organized enough, to lug around all the things I need. Knitting, camera(s), film, a book, my laptop. And I think this bag would be absolutely perfect.

  449. aldreams says:

    I would love to have something so cute to organize my embroidery projects and supplies. When my stash is organized and accessible, I find that I create things more often. I would absolutely LOVE to have this!!!

  450. Brenda Freitas-Obregon says:

    I came to a crop today with my tools in a corrugated carton, my paper in a drug store plastic bag, and my embellishments in baggies in a grocery store brown bag. I need this Sanibel tote to save my sanity!

  451. aldreams says:

    I forgot my email address :)

  452. Grace Cooper says:

    This bag is gorgeous! LOVE IT!

  453. Laura says:

    My knitting lives in one of those bulk basmati rice bags. My sewing supplies live in shoeboxes. I’m making my current project, a patchwork picnic blanket, out of repurposed jeans and scavenged fat quarters because grad students can’t afford Amy Butler fabrics, even though I drool over her fabric and patterns every time I see them! So, as a crafty person who has to budget her crafts, I can promise this bag would find a loving home. :)

  454. lorenabrown says:

    This bag would be great for toting about my knitting and crochet projects as we travel among relatives this summer and all year long.

  455. Faith says:

    Wow — that bag is beautiful! I would love to win this bag because not only is it functional to tote around my current project(s), it is gorgeous.

  456. Hope says:

    This bag seems so useful and beautiful, the mini-purse is sooo cute. I just love it!!

  457. swellest says:

    I would *love* to win this bag — never mind that teal and turquoise are my favorite colors, this would be the perfect subway bag for me. My yarn is constantly getting caught in the zipper of my day pack, I lose track of my pen and pattern to mark my place, and I got my headphones tangled up with my needles. This would totally keep me organized and allow for more subway knitting than rooting around and detangling!

  458. ricciolina says:

    this lovely bag would let me carry multiple knitting projects on trips … in style!

  459. says:

    This would be ideal for the biz trips I have to take this summer!

  460. Melissa @ IS•LY says:

    I would love to get one of her bags. I’m a mom that has to cart around a lot of toys for my toddler, and I’d love to have a bag with room to fit my DSLR & my sketch pad!!

  461. rachel m says:

    that’s just fantastic!

  462. Allison L. says:

    Are you kidding…this bag needs me! I’ve got such a fun summer planned for it. It can come with me to the mountains in North Carolina and I know it will just love hanging out with all of my craft stuff. Seriously, it’s a beautiful bag and I’d use the heck out of it!

  463. Jennifer Lee says:

    I would love to have this bag. The pockets would be great for someone like me who is always trying to be organized. I always have a million projects going on and this would be the perfect way to store them.

  464. Susan Clinkscales says:

    I need this so badly! Mine is ugly and old and fat and boring and did I mention ugly? I need blue and brown and happy and crafty!

  465. monika says:

    Why I Need this Bag? Because it’s the perfect bag for me.I would love to have it :D

  466. ibb says:

    Why do i need? Just because it is perfect. Big, blue and beautiful. 3B.

  467. Anna Crerand says:

    I need this bag because I am about to become a mother for the first time. This would be a wonderful diaper bag for my little one. I am also a great supporter of crafters and handmade/homemade goods, and I would be able to promote Amy Butler by offering her name up any time I receive compliments on my bag (which should be often)!

  468. Pilar says:

    I need this bag because I just started to learn knitting and I need a place to keep my treasures! ;D

  469. Robin McCoy says:

    I can never find just the right bag for my needs. I’ve tried repurposing purses, knitting/felting/and lining my own bags, just using gallon sized ziploc bags, and nothing works right! I am about to go all desperate and make up a bag of my own with the sewing machine, except for two little problems. I have only sewed one thing before and I don’t have enough material to make my own bag. LOL! That could become a very ugly disaster.
    Besides, I need a little happiness in my life right now. Facing losing my home and added stresses cause hubby to pick fights with me so we’re arguing more and saying things we don’t mean. It’s just a tough time and I could use somesunshine.

  470. allie says:

    Maybe if i have the perfect bag to effectively tote my knitting projects around, I can actually finish one! My friend’s 5 year old son is still waiting on his half-finished baby blanket…

  471. Laniknitter says:

    This would be a fantastic summer knitting bag. Most of my crafting bags are much smaller, but Sanibel could hold my current sweater-in-progress. I have used Amy Butler’s fabric in the past and even purchased e a pattern for the Frenchy Bag, but haven’t had time to sew it yet.

  472. cindi says:

    i have a room that looks like a craft cyclone hit it! i need this bad to keep my current project in so i can find it when i need to. thanks!

  473. LisaMarie says:

    i’d put my knitting in one pocket, my embroidery in another. It would also hold a bag of snacks for my baby girls, two diapers and my chapstick and a million other things that I cart around all day long.
    This bag is beautiful!

  474. Jennifer says:

    I love this bag!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  475. rachel hb says:

    I have lots of bags. Lots of huge, voluminous, stuff-eating bags that could be more accurately called bottomless pits of cloth.
    This one has pockets. Spots for everything. I *want* this one!

  476. says:

    I need this bag because it is great and I don’t have one.

  477. kcase says:

    Do you ever want something so badly, it becomes an obsession therefore a necessity in order for you to regain order in your life? Well, these bags are it for me!!! Not only would I be the happiest girl in the world, I would be able to take my crafts with me when I travel…definitely a necessity!

  478. Emiko says:

    I need this bag for my knitting projects! I have yarn rolling around the house that needs some order stat…
    I heart CRAFT!

  479. smoose003 says:

    I really need to give this bag a good home where it will be loved and cared for.

  480. qrious says:

    Wow! 480 comments! Well, I am in dire need of a replacement to my daily tote and the Sanibel looks to be about the same size and dimensions. All the extra pockets will provide happy homes for the various batches of keys I lug around everyday. To top it off the color/pattern is perfect for summer. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  481. enidb says:

    My local yarn shop just closed and my knitting group and I are nomads going to a different spot each weekend to meet and knit. This would be a fantastic project bag to have; to hold all my projects, accessories, and everything as I visit each location we go to. Not to mention I’d be the envy of the group.

  482. Thien-Kim says:

    Now that I’ve graduated from a diaper bag (yay for potty training), this cute tote will be great to carry my hand projects.

Comments are closed.

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