An Artfully Crafted Birdcage at the Far West Trading Co.

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I love the Far West Trading Company in Graton, Calif. The charming shop features treasures from the orient, including antiques and replicas directly imported from China. I have always admired this hanging birdcage.
The cage is made of wooden slats as thin as matchsticks, with incredibly detailed and ornate carvings.
The inside is hung with tassels, a swing and pretty porcelain dishes for food and water. I think it’s perfect, even without a song bird inside!
Visit owners Lou and Gary and their handsome dog Frank Sinatra online at, or in person at their lovely store.

4 thoughts on “An Artfully Crafted Birdcage at the Far West Trading Co.

  1. Sambre says:

    Haha! Pretty, but try putting a budgie inside… I give it 30 minutes!

  2. Jen Bryan says:

    I love heelers. I have a red and two blues and named my business after my first. Such smart dogs! LOL, I know the article was about bird cages but I get excited to see that breed anywhere :)

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