Anycubic Debuts Its Annual Flagship Products and Announces a New Business Department at TCT Shanghai 2024

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Anycubic Debuts Its Annual Flagship Products and Announces a New Business Department at TCT Shanghai 2024

Shanghai, China – May 7th, 2024 – Anycubic, a renowned brand in consumer 3D printing, showcased its latest advancements at the highly anticipated TCT Shanghai event, held at Booth number 8E22. The event coincided with Anycubic’s Annual Product Launch Event, hosted by James Ouyang, the co-founder of Anycubic.

James took the stage in front of the featured display zone, marking the beginning of the event. With passion and pride, he embarked on a journey through Anycubic’s remarkable achievements in both FDM and resin printing technology. From the pioneering Kossel series in 2015 to the latest multi-color Kobra 3 Combo, highlighting the evolution from single-color to multi-color printing and a staggering increase in printing speed from 50mm/s to an impressive 600mm/s, James underscored Anycubic’s commitment to making optimal 3D printing technology accessible for households.

In the realm of resin printing, Anycubic’s venture into photonic innovation began with the introduction of the Anycubic Photon in September 2017. Fast forward to 2020, and the Photon Mono X emerged onto the scene, boasting a 4K monochrome screen and a significantly reduced 5-second per layer printing time. Further enhancing precision and user experience, the Photon M3 Premium and Photon Mono M5s Pro introduced innovative technologies, including LighTurbo 2.0 and smart features, respectively. However, the latest pinnacle of this journey is the introduction of the Photon Mono M7 Pro. This latest resin printer not only upholds the tradition of precision but also elevates it with enhanced ultra-fast speed and a host of new features designed to enhance ease of use.

“We are thrilled to debut our latest innovations at TCT Shanghai 2024,” said James, co-founder of Anycubic. “With the launch of our annual new products, we’d want our users could unleash their creativity and explore endless possibilities in 3D printing”

James takes the lead in operating and showcasing Anycubic’s latest innovations, the Kobra 3 Combo and Photon Mono M7 Pro, providing firsthand demonstrations of their capabilities.

Let’s begin with the Kobra 3 Combo. This powerhouse boasts the Anycubic Color Engine Pro (ACE Pro) at its core. ACE Pro enables simultaneous printing in two linked boxes, accommodating up to eight colors at once. With features like active drying and side-drying functionality, combined with RFID recognition for Anycubic filaments, the Kobra 3 Combo ensures optimal filament conditions for up to 24 hours and seamless printing quality. With a maximum printing speed of 600mm per minute (single-color mode) and support from the Anycubic App and Slicer, the Kobra 3 Combo delivers an unparalleled printing experience.

Next up is the Photon Mono M7 Pro, setting a new standard for precision and performance in resin printing. Using regular resin, the Photon Mono M7 Pro reaches a maximum print speed of around 130mm/h with a 0.1mm layer height. This speed increases to 170mm/h when employing high-speed resin. With a high precision of 14K empowered by upgraded LighTurbo 3.0 and an impressive resolution of 13312×5120 that contributes an XY axis measurement of 16.8×24.8 μm, the Photon Mono M7 Pro promises intricate print quality and accuracy. Equipped with advanced features such as dynamic light output compensation and the Dynamic Temperature Controlling Resin Vat, this printer ensures smooth and precise printing results every time. Moreover, with support from Anycubic’s Makeronline community platform, users can connect, collaborate, and participate in dynamic competitions, fostering creativity and innovation.

After presenting the Kobra 3 Combo and Photon Mono M7 Pro, James proceeded to announce the addition of a 3D printing application line to Anycubic’s commercial offerings.

“The Application line signifies our commitment to bringing 3D printing into every household,” said James, co-founder of Anycubic.

This new venture is aimed at providing practical and exciting models and accessories to enhance the 3D printing experience for users. With the introduction of models such as the Light Saber and Star Tunnel, along with accompanying LED kits, Anycubic aims to elevate the fun and practicality of 3D printing.

For more information about Anycubic and its latest 3D printing solutions, visit Anycubic’s website.

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