Aquaport from MIT’s IDEAS Competition

This group of students came together as a part of MIT’s IDEAS competition. They decided to solve a problem that arose out of one team member’s childhood experience in Nigeria carrying water. They brainstormed several ideas and wound up with design that looks simple and effective.

16 thoughts on “Aquaport from MIT’s IDEAS Competition

  1. Gunga Din says:

    Isn’t this only slightly (if that) better than just putting some jugs in a rolling hand cart? actually the cart and jugs method is better since jugs of any size and shape can be transported rather than the specifically interlocking ones.
    Come on! This is MIT! They should be making something that harnesses some of the water’s hydrogen to power a pump or something.
    Sorry to hate on students and all, but this is lame.

    1. jeff-o says:

      I have to agree. What a terrible idea. Single-purpose plastic jug-wheels that need to be manufactured elsewhere? Seriously? Do they realize how quickly the plastic will wear through on rough third-world roads? I hope they get an F.

      Here’s an expansion on Gunga’s idea: A small two-wheel cart, with room for clay pots and other cargo (including children), that can be made of wood and other locally-obtained materials. Large enough to carry a day’s worth of supplies, small enough for a single person to move.

      – It can be made by local craftsmen using hand tools
      – It doesn’t require special molds, or any specific design at all
      – If any part of it breaks, it can be replaced.
      – it’s multi-purpose
      – it’s more environmentally friendly
      – it can be implemented immediately, and anywhere.

  2. richard williams says:

    an improvement on the hippo with multiple smaller containers. next step to make it locally from waste products….

  3. Sci says:

    A rolling barrel with a handle that you fill with water already exists. It’s used in many countries for flattening lawns.
    If these were used as they are then what you’d get over a period of months would be dead flat roads without the ruts caused by normal vehicles. (providing it wasn’t outright sand, in which case either design would get bogged down right away)
    However by making this modular they’ve added the keying on the barrel segments. This means as it rolls the water will slosh around them creating a lot more rolling resistance for weight of water, and making the whole thing a lot harder to push.

  4. Toolboy says:

    Yeah, sure looks like that has already been invented. I think the Hippo thing is better since it let’s you steer more easily…

  5. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Can folks try to post criticism of people’s work and ideas here without resorting to words like “lame!” and “terrible idea”? It doesn’t create a very conducive environment for people to share their ideas or learn from others. I think the criticisms raised are perfectly valid, but they could just as easily be expressed without insulting the students who are trying to creatively solve problems.

  6. jimmee says:

    What is it that the men are doing all the day while the women are hauling all of the water all of the times? eh?

  7. Rico says:

    Cmon people. You’ve not solved anything. You’re too focussed on the concept of the “team” and “MIT”. MBAs do this all the time, and it creates a lowest common denominator. Teamwork can be a real hassle. Your whole team hasn’t eliminated any time from the process, nor the problem of any microbiology. If you are really a good innovator, you should work for youself, not a big company. Big companies have their hands into education by forming such “team” efforts. Makes you reliant upon the company. Watch the TED videos for better solutions. Remember, you are competing with others.

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