From the Make: forums: How do I move my shed?

From the Make: forums: How do I move my shed?

Brian '2 Sheds' Jepson

Posting in the Make: forums, multiverse asks:

I have a small shed that couldn’t be more than 5 years old…

I need to move it about 100 feet to a new location. I just bought this house a year ago, and this building was reassembled with nails. So I know I can tear the nails out, but I would like to avoid tearing the thing apart.

The ground I have to traverse is moist but firm. It’s not muddy, but I have to take it over a bed of wood particles left over from a stump grinding. I have access to a bunch of teenagers for lifting and moving. Someone suggested a materials hoist, but I am unclear on how to deal with it. I can provide photos if anyone is interested. I’d also be willing to post a video at Youtube of the event.

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