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Carl writes in with a good question:

I make cool projects (I think so anyway), and I would really like them to be on Make. What do I need to do?

We occasionally receive really cool projects that we would like to publish, however they just don’t have quite enough information for us to figure them out. So, here are some tips about documenting your projects in a way that makes them accessible.

The first step is to document your project during your build. The final product is what most people will see, however the build process can be equally interesting. I learn a lot from looking at the tools and techniques others use to construct their projects, and suspect many other makers do as well. Take some photos, comment some code, record some sound- whatever is appropriate for your project. For extra points, making a timelapse of your construction can be really fun to watch. The important thing is to keep the documenting process simple so that you don’t get bogged down with it and forget to finish your project.

Once you have all of your cool documentation, you probably want to put it on the web somewhere. A great way to go is with Instructables, which is a site dedicated to hosting DIY projects. Another option is to use a more traditional blogging site. My favorite is WordPress, however Blogger is also a good alternative. If you have constructed your own website, that is great too, just make sure that each project has its own page. This is important, because it creates a permanent link to your project, making it possible for us to link to.

If you have taken video of your project, then by all means upload it to a free video hosting service. This allows us to embed your video in a post, which will greatly increase the chance that people will watch it. Again, there are a number of free services that you can use; Youtube and Vimeo are popular options.

The final step is to submit it to us! We have a nice tip line, try it out and don’t be afraid to promote yourself!

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