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Jonas writes

My interactive media project this semester is about the augmentation of the classic communication medium business card. I tried to extend it wisely, so that you can have the essential information of a businesscard (adress, email etc.) and at the same time create a very personal and interesting possibility to introduce yourself to others. I kept the physical businesscard and extended it digitally. I don’t think the “analog” business card will die soon, to many people it is almost like a status symbol and in Japan for example the “handing over” of a business card is quite a ritual. With my project i keep these possibilities and bring a new interesting touch to this communication medium.

I asked myself which technology is suited best for what I want and what came to my mind pretty quickly was Augmented Reality.

While developing my concept it was very important to me that everybody should be able to create such a businesscard and present himself to the audience. Also i am a Star Wars fan and i liked the idea of displaying the person as a kind of “hologram” :)

16 thoughts on “Augmented reality businesscard

  1. Conor says:

    What kind of software is required to view Augmented Media like this?

  2. Paul says:

    Until this technology ‘just works’ it is just a toy. Having to have specific software tailored to respond to a unique image is fun but of no value in the real world. If you received that business card what would you be able to do with it? Nothing.

    I have a great Tower Defence AR game on my N95 phone but the software can do nothing with any other images. What is needed is a core technology that runs specific routines triggered by specific images.

    Maybe in a few years?

  3. Phil says:

    Looks a lot like what the people at metaio are doing. Cool to see that enter the hacker/maker community.

  4. Mathieu Feulvarc'h says:

    I did something similar for anyone who want to add augmented reality to hers/his/their business card

  5. Kristi Beisecker says:

    Is the project available for this? i’d like to use this to learn how to do AR. Please send me an email: Nice work!

  6. Jordan says:

    We’re making AR business cards – and giving some away free :)
    Go to:

  7. mrspepe2013 says:

    Reblogged this on mrspepedotcom and commented:
    Awesome AR business card!!

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