Balloon Hovercrafts: Made!

Balloon Hovercrafts: Made!

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John Kuszewski wrote in to tell us about his cub scout hovercraft project, he writes – “Thanks for the hovercraft project in the Make podcast. My Cub Scout den of 8 third graders built them last night and had a great time! A variation we came up with–CubHoverBall! Four boys made hovercrafts with red balloons, four made theirs with silver balloons, and I made one with a blue balloon. Also made little hockey sticks out of bendy straws. Each team lines their hovercrafts along the long side of a table. Blue hovercraft is the ball, and starts in the middle. At the count of three, everyone opens their valves and starts tapping their hovercraft with their stick. The team that gets the blue hovercraft across their opponents’ side gets a point. As you can imagine, it’s a game that goes in ten-second fits of screaming excitement”.


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6 thoughts on “Balloon Hovercrafts: Made!

  1. joey says:

    where you buy the ballons small, medium ,large?

  2. dustyn says:

    HOW DO YOU MAKE IT!!!!!!!?

  3. Lonnie says:

    Iam trying to make the cd hover. It slides on the table but it does not lift off the ground. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

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