Barnes & Noble to Host 650 Mini Maker Faires

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Barnes & Noble to Host 650 Mini Maker Faires


Calling all Makers: Here’s your chance to “think globally, act locally” and support Maker Faire — and your local bookstore, too.

Make: has partnered with our friends at Barnes & Noble to bring Making to 650 domestic stores for the weekend of November 6 to 8, as part of the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire program.

This is your chance to share — at a very local level — your projects, your passion, and your enthusiasm for Making.

The Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire will show up in three ways at each store:

  • The Make Workspace: An area to experience the latest technologies in 3D printing, robotics, coding, programming, and more.
  • Meet the Makers: A special area will be set up in each store for Makers to showcase their projects. You’ll also be able to  apply to get more deeply involved with the Maker community.
  • Make & Collaborate: Get hands-on with Making, sharing, and collaborating.

There will be many special events for Makers at select Barnes & Noble stores during the weekend of November 6–8, 2015, and we will be visiting and reporting from many of the locations.

We are thrilled to be able to spread the word on Making to all these locations during this weekend. We look forward to seeing Makers connecting with other Makers so they can inspire each other, and teach each other new skills. We’re happy to partner with Barnes & Noble to make this distributed Mini Maker Faire happen.

To learn more about the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire and to submit an application to present your project at your local store, visit the Mini Maker Faire page. The application deadline is Friday, October 2, 2015. If you are selected to participate in this inaugural event, you will be notified by someone from the Barnes & Noble team by Friday, October 9, 2015.

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3 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble to Host 650 Mini Maker Faires

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  3. Karen M says:

    ok,’ what a come on ‘ to get people to come in the bookstore! My husband bought a 3-D printer (DaVinci Jr.) a week ago, and after many problems finally got it to work! and he was able to ‘build’ one small object. but it still doesn’t work ‘as advertised’ so he assumed that this ‘EVENT’ would have reps. from the company who makes it !(XYZ was not there, and no one seemed to know anything more than he does! The flyer led him (and others) to believe that the company ‘reps’ would be there to answer questions, It also led him/her to believe that other people would also be there from other companies who could help my granddaughter with her interest in ‘coding’ Imagine their surprise when they arrived at the store and all the personnel had to say was “We only WISH reps from the companies would come ” ! Since my husbands questions have not been answered regarding ‘error messages’ and Tech support wasn’t any help either and his answers have not been answered. He will be returning the unit. We feel like we have been ‘taken’ We expected more from Barnes and Noble ! we have the brochure which if read over and over again does say MEET THE MAKER AND other things which led him/her to believe that there would be people there who could answer questions, when in fact you were just hoping enough people would show up to ‘help each other’ in the process.because the employees couldn’t possibly be expected to know how it works, other than ‘set-up ‘!

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