Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire Coming to a Store Near You!

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Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire Coming to a Store Near You!

Last year Barnes & Noble threw a Mini Maker Faire in each of its stores and this year they’ll be doing it again! This weekend, November 5th and 6th, head over to the nearest Barnes & Noble bookstore to join in the fun. With over 600 locations chances are there will be one near you. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other Makers in your neighborhood, see the latest tech toys and kits, and let your kids get hands on with project materials provided by the bookseller.

Not sure what to expect. Check out this video of 2015’s Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire in Burlington, North Carolina will give you a taste.

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Each store will have its own local flavor and feature talks and demonstrations from local Makers. Barnes & Noble has been featuring booksellers who make (and who’ll be sharing their knowledge at their own stores) on their internal blog.

Rick Cousin | Pineville, NC

What I like most about beekeeping is the solitude I get when working with the bees. I also feel the back to nature and the closeness to a higher authority. It’s good to work with your hands out in the open. It’s good to work and sweat and see your work come to fruition. Yes I work hard, but the bees work harder. They work so hard that most bees only live 4-6 weeks. They just work themselves to death.

Jean Mlynczak | Bloomington, MN

I have always loved jewelry. Between jewelry, stuffed animals and books I would fill the backseat of any car when I went to rummage sales as a child. My grandmother would assist and encourage the interest in jewelry, often buying me gifts from her rummage forays.

At a historical re-enactment in Prairie Du Chein, WI, I bought a bead ring for 50 cents. It was thin beading wire and seed beads, but I loved it. I wore it all the time and one of the wires broke. I brought it to my mother who promptly said, “You can figure out how to fix it.” Off we went to Ben Franklin where she bought me a number of supplies and sure enough I figured out how to fix it. Many years later I have learned a variety of new techniques, from basic stringing to wire wrapping, but it all started with that ring.

Jeff Pepper | Winston-Salem, NC

As a teenager, one of my favorite hobbies was model-building, especially kits that related to science fiction media such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Throughout my adult life, I’ve occasionally revisited the hobby. Then recently, my love for the Harry Potter books and movies inspired me to create some Wizarding World ephemera that we actually used at our store’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release party. We created potion bottles, brooms, Daily Prophet newspapers and Gilderoy Lockhart books, just to name a few. Shortly thereafter, I began creating my own custom-designed Harry Potter wands.

Editor’s Note: Profile excerpts above are reprinted with permission from Barnes & Noble

There will be hundreds of makers attending all around the country. Check with your local store to see who is coming. Many Make: writers and editors will be intending including:


Emily Coker, author of Make it Glow | Emeryville CA, 11am to 3pm
Nick and Liza Kloski, authors of Getting Started with 3D Printing | Emervyille CA, 11am to 3pm
Alisha Panjwani, author of Start Making! | Prudential Center, Boston MA, 2pm (teens from flagship Clubhouse, too!)
Caleb Kraft, Make: Senior Editor | Springfield Missouri, 1pm
Charles Platt, author of the Tools, Electronics, More Electronics, Encyclopedias | Tempe AZ, 1pm
Shawn Thorsson, author of Props and Costume Armor | Santa Rosa CA, noon to 2pm
Brook Drumm, author of 3D Printed Projects | Arden Fair, Sacramento CA, 1pm
Edward Ford, author of Getting Started with CNC | Skokie IL, 4pm
Tim Deagan, author of Make: Fire | Hill Country Galleria TX, noon to 4pm
Kathy Ceceri, author of Making Simple Robots, Edible Inventions, and Paper Inventions | Colonie Center Albany NY, 11am-3pm.
Alan Rothschild, author of Inventing a Better Mousetrap | Dewitt NY, noon to 3pm
Jaymes Dec, author of Make: Tech DIY | Tribeca NY, noon to 1pm
Rick Schertle, author of Planes, Gliders, and Paper Rockets | Almaden CA, 3pm
Don Coleman, author of Make: Bluetooth | 5th Ave, New York, NY, 4pm


Jimmy DiResta, YouTube maker and author of Workshop Mastery | Union Square, New York, NY, 1pm
Nick and Liza Kloski, authors of Getting Started with 3D Printing | Emeryville, CA, 11am to 3pm
Mike Senese, Make: Executive Editor | Emeryville CA, 11am
Tim Deagan, author of Make: Fire | Austin, TX, 3pm
Dale Dougherty, CEO of Make: and author of Free to Make | Grove LA, noon
Kathy Ceceri, author of Making Simple Robots, Edible Inventions, Paper Inventions | Saratoga Springs, NY, 11am
Brook Drumm, author of 3D Printed Projects | Roseville, CA, 1pm
Alan Rothschild, author of Inventing a Better Mousetrap | Dewitt, NY, noon to 3pm
Don Coleman, author of Make: Bluetooth | Plymouth, PA, 2pm

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