BBB Contest at GO-Tech

BBB Contest at GO-Tech

Attention Michigan makers –
GO-Tech is running a contest based on Bare-Bones-Board Arduino clone. Dale, of GO-Tech, shares more details –
We’re having a BBB Contest at the March 11 GO-Tech meeting in Ann Arbor, MI. Bring projects based on the BBB, the Arduino-clone board that many of us built at the January GO-Tech meeting.
The rules:

  • If the project doesn’t use the actual BBB, then the project should nonetheless be able to be ported to it or an Ardiuno (i.e., you could use another board with the same or related Atmel ATMega168 microcontroller).
  • You should be willing to share schematics & source code (again, hopefully in a form that can be used in the Arduino environment).
  • Be able to demonstrate the operation either live or, if that’s not practical, by video or photo. (Perhaps your BBB-controlled laser o’ death is a bit too big to fit in the meeting room.)
  • You need not have come up with the original idea for the project, but need to describe what you did contribute or change.
  • Most of the work has to have been done since the January meeting.
  • You can enter as a group if you want.
  • You do have to be there in person, but you don’t have to have attended a previous meeting, nor bought/built your BBB or equivalent through the group.

The prizes:

  • AVR Dragon – USB based programmer/debugger for parts with up to 32k of flash
  • STK-500 – General development/prototype board
  • DB101 – Credit card sized board with dot matrix LCD
  • PLUS each winner will receive 5 pieces of the ATMega168 (DIP package)!

(Winners will choose prizes in order from first place to third place.)
Many thanks to Atmel for this support!

For directions and other details, go to the GO-Tech Yahoo page (under our old name, NotBAGO)

From the Maker store:
Bare Bones Board Kit (Arduino compatible) – Link

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