Becky Stern Profiled on Core77

Becky Stern Profiled on Core77

Becky Stern, scanned and RP’d by Jonathan Monaghan/MakerBot for “New York Notables

Our very own Becky Stern got a fine profile treatment on the wonderful design site Core77.

Becky Stern makes objects, for one thing, with unusual properties that occasionally make them difficult to classify… there’s the “Cell Phone Ski Mask”, the tablecloth made out of artificial sweetener packages, her Tron-ified knee brace adorned with electroluminscent wiring. And when I ask her about her persistent knee injuries, she pulls out a stuffed animal, only it’s not a stuffed animal: It’s an articulating plush model of her actual knee, complete with cartilage, ligaments and dislocating action, based on arthroscopy images and MRIs (the latter of which she also, by the way, embroidered).

It’s a two-part piece. Tune in for tomorrow’s segment.

An Introduction to MAKEr Extraordinaire Becky Stern


Becky also contributed to their Summer Gift Guide series. You can see her picks here.

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