Best of 2012: Make: Projects

Best of 2012: Make: Projects


2012 was a great year for Make: Projects, our living library of project tutorials. Here are some of our favorites from the past 12 months.

Maybe your project will be on the Best of 2013 list! We’d love to see what you’re making, so add your projects!

luminch one

Luminch One

By Francisco Castro

An Arduino lamp you control with a wave of the hand.


3x3x3 LED Cube Arduino Shield

By Joe Hudy

What has 27 LEDs, is 3 dimensional, and is Arduino controlled? It’s the 3x3x3 LED Cube Arduino Shield! Make your own basic animations and displays and impress all your friends. This is also available as a kit from the Maker Shed!


Over-the-Air TV Antenna

By Rich Reynolds

Create an antenna for your TV to get the over-the-air TV stations for less than $10.


Arc Reactor

By Eric Weinhoffer

Channel your inner Tony Stark and make a simple Arc Reactor prop!

bike-portable workbench

Bike-Portable Workbench

By Bertoa

How do you carry a toolbox and a workbench on your bicycle rack? That was the question Make: Projects user Bertoa had to answer, as an electronics repairer in his hometown. This project is the end result.

Coin Ring

By Shane Walton

This project is as it sounds: you can make a ring out of a coin, with lots of patience and a spoon. Below is a partially completed ring that Make: Projects reader Luke Rohde made for his fiance.



Concrete Tea Light Holder

By Ray Alderman

Using an off-the-shelf cookie cutter as the mold, make a simple tea light holder out of concrete.


DeskLights 2.0

By Michael LaGrasta

A network of connected RGB LEDs provides event notifications by shining through a frosted glass desk. As seen at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012!


Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox

By Clement Storck

Use an Arduino and an optional IP camera to build a doorbell that sends you a Push notification on your phone and an email with a picture of the person at the door.

hand-crank usb charger

Hand-Crank USB Charger

By Rich Reynolds

Charge your cell phone, MP3 player, and other USB devices when plug-in power is not available.


Getting Started with Slic3r

By Eric Weinhoffer

Slic3r is a free, open source program that converts .STL files into .GCODE files for 3D printing.

small amp

Small Amp

By Alek

A tutorial to build a simple LM386 Amp circuit that’s powered by a 9v battery, including some ways to encase it.
soda can label emboss

Soda Can Label Embossing

By Sean Michael Ragan

Durable aluminum labels on the cheap.


Small Word Clock

By Robert Gill

Build a handsome 6″ x 6″ word clock to tell you the time in your favorite language.

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