Big Daddy has BIG hands

Big Daddy has BIG hands

Not THAT’s a pair of “Helping Hands.”

Meet Big Daddy Hands – Link

6 thoughts on “Big Daddy has BIG hands

  1. tenax8 says:

    Needs more wingnuts. Alternatively, another pair of helping hands to hold the helping hands in place while you tighten down the bolts… but then it’s helping hands all the way down…

  2. Austringer says:

    Lever nuts I think, but maybe you’re thumbs are stronger than mine.

    I know a guy who made something a little like this for blacksmithing. He welded the vise grip to a piece of 3/4″ wire rope. It acted as a shock absorber and gave the system enough flex that he could keep the work flat on the anvil without constant readjusts to compensate for the deformation of his stock.

  3. screaminscott says:

    or a kinky adult toy.

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