From Biohacking to Modded Drones and Tapestries, Maker Faire Berlin Has it All

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From Biohacking to Modded Drones and Tapestries, Maker Faire Berlin Has it All

For the third year in a row, the fine city of Berlin is gearing up for Maker Faire Berlin, taking place this weekend, June 10 and 11, at the historic Station Berlin, located in the heart of the city. Organized by Maker Media GmbH, a division of Heise Group, publishers of the German-language version of Make: magazine, this year’s Maker Faire Berlin will feature more than 900 makers at over 200 booths. They’re expecting roughly 20,000 attendees. Berlin is an international hub of culture, science, media, art, and tech, so it’s no surprise that interesting projects always abound. Just check out the video from 2016 for a glimpse at the variety of projects.

It’s always really fun to see a German spin on all things making, like the cover of German Make: magazine:

And the German version of the Makey robot, the international mascot of Maker Faire:

Maker Faire Berlin Project Sampler

There is a complete lineup of makers, workshops, and presentations in store for this weekend. One of the featured projects (pictured at the top of this post and below), is New Mexico-based artist extraordinaire Christian Ristow’s Hand of Man, the 26-foot-long, 7-ton hydraulically activated hand, controlled with a remote glove, that can pick up and crush cars.

Mudbrains TV DIY Cardboard Creations

Dieter Beck of Mudbrains TV DIY makes amazing things using the common, accessible, and humble medium of cardboard. He mainly recreates his pop-culture memories from cardboard, everything from the Terminator arm, to the Scarface “The World Is Yours” globe, to the hat and claw of Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger.

Philipp Eggersglüß’s Modded Tapestries

Philipp Eggersglüß uses old embroidery designs to create art for today’s living rooms. Motifs from film, games, or memes unexpectedly appear in grandma’s old embroidery and provide a whole new level of freshness. Everything is stitched by hand, which means that the new motifs are so well integrated that you often have to look twice.

DIYBio Workshops

DIYBio is world-wide initiative to bring the biological knowledge from inside laboratories to the people outside, through a series of workshops and artistic projects. Biohacking has been inspiring many people to develop new approaches to science, as well as to connect deeper to themselves and the organisms around us. Local biohacking collective TopLab has organized a series of workshops that will run all day for both days of the Faire. TopLab encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience, building bridges between people that are usually not involved in labs.

FabKit Lasercutter

Designed and manufactured in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, FabKit is the world’s first professional, open-source CO2 laser cutter, perfect for small enterprises as well as professional makers and hobbyists. The Fabkit is an open platform, making it easy to hack with community-made upgrades and modifications or FabCreator official upgrade kits.

Flying Mods Drones

Jan Holthusen of Flying Mods is a DIY custom multicopter maker. He aims to make imaginative, creative, and colorful multicopters, all of which are fully functional. He brings a whole new level of originality to the drone world. Pictured here are the Sigma (above) and the Chameleon (below)

GIG/Communitere Mobile Resource Center

Communitere, Global Innovation Gathering (GIG), and Fab Lab Siegen have joined forces to take the Mobile Resource Center (MRC) from Berlin to Thessaloniki, Greece! In Greece, the MRC will travel through the country to support various communities and refugee camps. The Communité MRC combines design workshops and local staff to tailor the program to meet the needs of both local Greek and refugee communities. The approach focuses on the establishment and creation of dynamic, collaborative hubs in affected communities, and their long-term goal is to enable the communities they serve to build their own future. The MRC will start on the road to Thessaloniki on June 12 from Maker Faire Berlin. On the road, they’re converting the trailer to the Mobile Resource Center.

Berlin Brick Syndicate

The Berlin Brick Syndicate was founded by AFOLs (AdultFanOfLego) from the Berlin/Brandenburg region and is an officially registered LUG (LEGO User Group). They build and construct their own creations in a wide variety of sizes: ships, airplanes, cars, whole cities, space worlds, and much more. The Berlin Brick Syndicate will be hosting a large Lego-dedicated area at the Faire.

That was just a small sampling of the amazing exhibits and projects that will be at the Faire. All the information you need to attend Maker Faire Berlin is on the site.

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