Book Review: The Star Wars Craft Book

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! (As in, “May the 4th be with you”).
To celebrate, we’re taking a peek into Bonnie Burton’s The Star Wars Craft Book. It’s packed with adorable and easy projects for kids and adults alike.

Bonnie’s a senior editor for, and her deep knowledge of the Star Wars universe really shows in this project collection. You can make your own Wampa from a humble washcloth, craft up an Ewok Flower Vase, or crochet an R2D2 beanie. There are over 40 projects in all, ranging from toys to home decor to nature and science crafts to style crafts. There’s even a section for holiday-themed Star Wars projects – action figure wreath, anyone?
My hands-down favorite, though? The Jar Jar Binks Jedi Mind Trick Doll, a sort of “karma doll” that you can attach written wishes to – by sticking pins into it. (You have to appreciate LucasFilm having such a great sense of humor there.)
The Star Wars Craft Book has great instructional quality, with each project clearly laid out with step-by-step instructions and photos. You won’t need any specialized skills – a little simple sewing and gluing will cover you for most projects.
You can get a little more background on the book at, here and here.
…And if you can’t get enough Star Wars crafting, here are some projects we’ve featured here on CRAFT:

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