Build: Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kit

felted bag close up
After my success with my first felting project, I decided to take on the Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kit by Pick Up Sticks. The kit is a really easy weekend project. The only challenge I had is that I don’t have a washing machine, so the project required a visit to my parents.
finished sushi bag
The finished wallet is more like a little pouch good for carrying a cellphone and keys. After it is felted, it is very sturdy.

sushi wallet kit
I mostly wanted to make the wallet because the kit is so cute. It includes all of the yarn you need, a zipper, and instructions to make 3 variations of the sushi design. I chose sushi max, but there is also striped and sushi mini. The instructions are very easy to follow and you will have lots of yarn left over to customize your sushi embellishments.
In the Maker Shed:

Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kits are available in the Maker Shed.

2 thoughts on “Build: Knit-to-Felt Sushi Wallet Kit

  1. Jess says:

    Not sure if this is widely known because mostly people tell you to throw it in the washer…but you don’t necessarily need to do that.
    You can boil it in a pot on the stove, but it doesn’t really felt well or fast enough for me…and your house smells like a wet sheep. Not my favorite method.
    My favorite is by hand felting it in the sink. What you want to do is fill your sink with hot water and lots of harsh soap…laundry soap will work or dish soap too! Throw it right in and start mushing and scrubbing it together. It helps if you turn your project inside out if possible and rub the two sides together. Just keep going until the project is the desired size.
    Then start rinsing all the soap out, this may take awhile since it is a really thick fabric.
    Then, take it out and squish it between some towels to get a lot of the water out and the just shape it the way you want.
    Few benefits to this way…
    1. You have more control over the shrinky dink effect.
    2. Many times the jeans or towels or other rough fabrics you put the project in with…can deball and stick to your project. Supposedly if you put your project in a lingerie bag this won’t happen, but I didn’t have much luck with it actually felting in there.
    3. It is much greener because you save water by not running a cycle or two of your washer just to get the right size.
    4.Because your project is coming right out of the water, it is wetter and will take longer to dry. You think this is a bad thing but actually it is great because it shapes easier when still damp and you have more control over it.
    5. It might be a good way to exfoliate your hands? :)
    Hope this helps at least one washerless person!

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