Building a large 40W C02 Laser For Under $700

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Building a large 40W C02 Laser For Under 0

Lasers are awesome. We all know this. If you don’t have one, you want one. Owen wanted one, but had a fairly tight budget. When searching, he found the ones in his price range to be too small. So he built one!

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I know that there are some of you who didn’t watch that video yet, who are thinking: “isn’t a k40 a 40 watt laser for less than $700?” Yes, it is. As he explains in the video, he wanted something much bigger with higher quality optics. If you watch closely, you can also see that he could upgrade this to be about 100W for an additional $300 or so. Effectively, Owen has built a much better and bigger k40 at a decent price.

On a side note, this looks like his very first video. What a great first dip into video!


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