Building The Ghostwriter AI Typewriter

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Building The Ghostwriter AI Typewriter

This crazy AI powered interactive typewriter has been bouncing around the internet since CES recently ended. it’s a pretty great example of putting a professional finish on an interesting piece. Luckily Arvind Sanjeev, the creator, has shared a build breakdown on twitter. Be sure to go read the entire thread, it is fascinating.

Arvind started with an old electronic typewriter. He wanted to use some of the electronics, so he had a job in front of him deciphering the keyboard input/output. After mapping all the keys, he got an Arduino handling all the keypresses for the system.

That arduino feeds the keyboard input to a raspberry pi that is hooked up to ChatGPT. After the Raspbery Pi does the thinking bit, it spits the data back to the arduino, which drives the output onto paper.

Of course the look of that old typewriter just wouldn’t do. The Ghostwriter needed some striking visuals, which Arvind did with tons of sanding and paint.

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