Call for Projects: Sports!

Call for Projects: Sports!
Don't try this at home. Try something else! Photo: Leo Hidalgo/Flickr
Don’t try this at home. Try something else! Photo: Leo Hidalgo/Flickr

SportsWeek_Badge_bur01Summer is here, and our thoughts are outside in the sun, even if we can’t be. We’re imagining all the great things we could build and then ride, or fly, or throw, or play with. So we’re running a theme week — next week, starting June 30 — based on DIY outdoor summer sports.

Now we’re looking for a few good projects, and we’re willing to throw down for the best project, in the form of a $200 gift certificate to the Maker Shed. Fill out this form; it could be something you built that you’ve been using for years, or a new hack that you’ve been wanting to try. (Bonus points for excellent documentation.) Any and all summer sports are appropriate, including “sports”. Categories may include running, surfing, biking, unicycling, climbing, camping, kayaking, skateboarding, baseball, soccer, cornhole, golf, skydiving, snorkeling, underwater hockey, dressage, Calvinball, and pretty much anything else active you’d do outside for fun in the summer.

Then, make sure to visit us the week of June 30 to see our coverage of all things active and outdoor. We’ll have projects you can build, interviews with makers, videos of them — the projects and the makers — in action, and highlights from lots of other cool outdoor DIY.

Submit your projects here:

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Nathan Hurst is an editor at Make. He loves anything having to do with science or bicycling. He tweets as @nathanbhurst.

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