Camera Hacking Instructions – Weekend Projects

Camera Hacking: The Franken-Camera

Download the four pages of PDF instructions to get the scoop on how to rip apart a 6×9 folding bellows camera and a holga and put them together to make a wide angle medium format camera.

Camera Hacking: The Franken-Camera

If you load 35mm film in it, you’ll get an image that is 35mmx85mm and the work you produce will be unique, exciting and unexpected. If you’re looking for a camera experience that documents your vision perfectly, you’ll be better off with a modern camera. If you like abstracting images and enjoy being surprised by your photos, then camera hacking is for you. Go check out the video to learn more! – PDF Link

4 thoughts on “Camera Hacking Instructions – Weekend Projects

  1. BobSyris says:

    Hey Bre, love the weekend projects. And posting the pdf instructions along with the video is great.

    Any chance the pdf could get smaller, though? Right now, it’s 40.5MB, and only 5 pages long. I understand that the images are high resolution, but there’s room for improvement there, right?

    The video itself is only 45MB.


  2. Bre says:


    I optimized the file and now it’s 607kb and I really can’t tell the difference between the 607kb and the 40.5 meg one. Thanks for the heads up!


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