Carbide3D Announces the Nomad3 and Shapeoko Pro

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Carbide3D Announces the Nomad3 and Shapeoko Pro

Boy oh Boy this past week or two has been exciting for the world of home CNC. Carbide3D announced two new products, both the new Nomad3 as well as the Shapeoko Pro. The duo popped up on their blog, but we haven’t seen any major video announcements on them yet. There is this nice little video teasing the Nomad 3 though.

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In a blog post, they revealed the machines, the specs, and the price for both.

The Nomad3 is going to be priced at $2800. This little desktop mill looks much beefier than the previous version and has some very nice aesthetic as well.

The cutting area is 8″x8″x3″, same as the previous version. However, there are some upgrades such as all new electronics, a beefier spindle (150w), a new enclosure with lighting, and some other various tweaks.

The Shapeoko Pro is an upgraded version of their affordable CNC routers. Unlike the Nomad3, this one does not replace the predecessor, but rather bumps up the higher end of the options available. According to the blog, it will be available at $2800 as well.

While still belt driven, they got rid of the wheels in favor of linear bearings. It has all new electronics, a reworked frame for better support of the Y extrusions, and built in T-Slots on the bed.

Both of these machines look like solid upgrades and we’re eager to get our hands on them and see how they perform. You can go read more, including a feature by feature breakdown of some of the reasoning behind the upgrades on their blog.

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