Carl & Jerry – Adventure in electronics – “A New Company is Launched”

Carl & Jerry – Adventure in electronics – “A New Company is Launched”

In the 50’s and 60’s John T. Frye, W9EGV / Popular Electronics published a series of fiction stories called “The Carl and Jerry stories” – In each story the pair acquired new skills, got their ham radio licenses and used their knowledge of electronics to get out of a jam or solve a mystery – there isn’t a complete collection of all the stories that I know of, but there are some scans / text online. The stories are entertaining, fun and I can imagine how many engineers, scientists and Makers got their start from reading these wonderful tales – about & index.

I’m going to try and post links to these each week or so… does anyone want to help collect all these? I’d like to release them, get them online somewhere…

Here’s a blurb from October 1954 V1-1 “A New Company is Launched” – Carl & Jerry start an electronic company…

“Say,” Carl began hesitantly, “I’ve got an idea, but if you don’t like it, just say so. My feelings won’t be hurt. Here’s the way I look at it: both of us are interested in electronics. You like to read and think about it; I like to experiment and build things. You’ve got a dandy place to work but not much equipment. I’ve got a ham station, a voltohmmeter, and a whole box I of radio parts, but no place to work except my bedroom. You’re good on math and theory where I am weak, but you do not seem to be too good with tools-”

“Let’s face it: I’m about as clever as a cow with a crutch with tools,” Jerry admitted, without shame.

“I like tools and like to work with them,” Carl went on. “To cut it short, how’s about our sort of joining forces and working together? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it would be a lot of fun. But. if you don’t like the idea-” ,

“I’m with you!” Jerry exclaimed. “A hobby is twice as much fun when you’ve got someone to work and argue with. As far as I’m concerned, we’re in business. What’ll we call ourselves? It’s got to be something that sounds serious and imposing.”

“Natch,” Carl agreed. “How about ‘Electronic Experimenters, Inc.’?”

“Let’s change that ‘Inc.’ to ‘Ltd.’ ” Jerry suggested. “Somehow it sounds more swanky.”

“Fine! I’ll get out my mechanical drawing set and make up a sign for over the basement door tonight,” Carl said with mounting enthusiasm.

For a minute the two stood looking at each other, half serious, half joking. Then Jerry stuck out his hand. “Want to shake on it, Pardner?”

Carl & Jerry – Adventure in electronics – Link.

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