Case Knives and the Hands That Make

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Case Knives and the Hands That Make
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Our hands are the ultimate tools. We have used them to build empires and civilizations, and rebuild them time and time again when they fell. We bake cakes with them, saw wood with them, and write code to launch people into space with them. No one understands this better than Case, the makers of premium knives, one of the most used tools in history. They know that human hands are unique and need to be flexed in order to become sharper with time. Recently they have put out a call to action for makers to put their hands to work. 

Pocket knives have a special place in my heart as well. My entire life, a little pocket knife was always close at hand. My father carried a Case knife in his pocket at all times. It was something I never questioned as a kid, any time something needed cut, like the plastic packaging around my very first RAM upgrade (4 megabytes!), my dad would toss me a pocket knife. These sleek little tools became synonymous with getting things done in my mind. Sure, I’ve tried carrying a more garish multi-tool, but frankly I find the classic design and simplicity of a pocket knife unbeatable.

To celebrate the marriage of great knives and the amazing hands that wield them, we partnered with Case to produce the video “The Hands That Make.” In it, four makers talk us through their journeys, while demonstrating the crafts to which they’ve dedicated themselves. From iron work to hand-spun textiles, their stories are inspiring and their creations will make you want to head to your own workshop and spend the day on your own projects.

This is the knife my father carried for over 15 years as a maintenance man at a power plant. He had this in his pocket for a huge chunk of my life. They still make this exact knife in the Slimline Trapper.

Lets take a few moments to look at some of the diverse offerings from Case. There just so many to browse through, in so many different styles, that we thought it might be nice to pick 4 drastically different ones to highlight.


Peach Seed Jig Amber Bone Trapper with Clip

This right here is a classic. You simply cannot beat the simple style of the Trapper. They slip into your pocket and nearly disappear, you can forget one is there till you need it. My personal favorite of the selection, I use these to cut yarn, whittle on 3d prints, trim s’mores sticks, and pretty much everything else.

I have friends who swear by these. The Mushroom Cap family of knives gets its name from that swell at the end of the pommel, which also makes it fit perfectly in your hand. A hand-stacked and polished leather handle and high carbon steel mean that it is going to feel great and keep an edge for an incredibly long time.


Household Cutlery 7" Santoku Knife (Solid Walnut)

Did you know that Case also makes kitchen cutlery? If you’re using some old dull knives, I strongly urge you to go give one of these a try. They say there’s nothing more dangerous than a dull knife and I agree. These sharp kitchen tools are incredible and they simply go where you want them. No fighting with your tomato to get a clean cut, no mashing and sawing through chicken, just slice and go. It feels almost magical.

The Kickstart series of knives are new to Case. They come with the cool feature of having super easy one hand operation. A gentle push with your thumb and the knife will spring open and lock, allowing you to get your knife out when you need it, without having to put down what you’re doing.

How do you keep your hands sharp? Leave a comment and let us know!

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