Chair / ottoman made from a suitcase – The “Sitbag”

Chair / ottoman made from a suitcase – The “Sitbag”

The Sitbag chair and ottoman from the reincarnation collection – maybedesign is a great inspiration for a remake, I see old suitcases tossed on the street and in thrift stores all the time – [via] Link.

 Pics Suitcase Img 0735
How to Make a Suit Case PC – Link.

 Hellenic New Images Baios Car2
Suitcase Go-Cart – Link.

Suitcase – bags made from vintage men’s suits – Link.

8 thoughts on “Chair / ottoman made from a suitcase – The “Sitbag”

  1. CRS says:

    The go cart is neat, but bottom line is you have NOWHERE to legally drive it except up & down your own driveway. Airport security will not let you drive this down the parking structure let alone the terminal. No motorized vehicles on the sidewalks, a non-licensed vehicle on the streets is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ‘street-legal’ let alone suicidal. You can’t take it down the ATV trails. A whole lot of time & money into something you can never use!!!!!!!!
    A waste of your time and mine!

  2. pt says:

    @CRS – this is MAKE

  3. GoodPost says:


    It might not be too practical but it is really cool.
    I enjoyed seeing it.

  4. Kurt says:

    CRS is just trolling. She likes posting negative comments a lot, along with “mork”, and I’m starting to think they’re the same person. She is just trying to get a reaction out of people and I doubt even cares about the topic of the post. For instance, when she says “A waste of your time and mine!”; that is meant to be antagonistic since it’s your own personal decision as to what is a waste of time. Any Makers who get their projects posted should just ignore her comments when they look for feedback.

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