Connect Power Wheel Chairs Directly To Game Consoles With The Freedom Wing

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Connect Power Wheel Chairs Directly To Game Consoles With The Freedom Wing
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We’ve talked about gaming and how important it is for people with special physical needs on multiple occasions here. If you haven’t seen it, just consider for a moment what a relief it could be to be able to hop into a video game and interact with the rest of the world without the stigma of people seeing your wheelchair. This is immensely important.

Gaming with physical disabilities is incredibly difficult, mainly because there are so many unique problems from button placement to small things like the amount of pressure a button takes. Several groups tackle problems like this and Bill Binko at ATMakers teamed up with Able Gamers and Stephen Spohn to come out with a great tool that gives a whole group of people access.

The Freedom Wing Adapter allows for someone to plug their power wheel chair, which is already configured for them to be able to use, directly into an Xbox to game. As a bonus, since they used the Adafruit Feather form factor, you could plug this into one of the feather boards and use it as a computer mouse or other input device.


[via Adafruit]

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