Cool Crowdfunding: Six Axis Robot Arms, Particle Accelerators, AI Cameras, and Hackable Fitness Tracking

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Cool Crowdfunding: Six Axis Robot Arms, Particle Accelerators, AI Cameras, and Hackable Fitness Tracking

We receive so many pitches for crowdfunding projects. They pour into our inbox daily. Since crowdfunding is a bit of a gamble, it is always kind of hard to determine just how to write about these projects, considering that many of them may not ever deliver. Cool Crowdfunding is our way of sharing some of the ones that catch our eye. 

Remember, some of the crowdfunding projects from our previous Cool Crowdfunding collections may still be active! Go back and check them out to see if there’s anything you shouldn’t miss.

Jo’s Personal Particle Accelerator

When faced with having to build a functional model for a school project, Josephine found herself thinking of particle accelerators. Her final project was so cool that the teacher actually wanted to buy it. Now Jo is hoping to bring this model to anyone who wants one. It uses a steel ball bearing to simulate what happens inside a particle accelerator by blasting it with perfectly timed electromagnets to keep it moving.

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Miro Bot – 6-axis mini industrial arm

Compared to most industrial robots, the Mirobot is tiny, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. It has many of the features the larger bots would have, such as a pendant for control, phone interface, and computer software for control, but fits on your desktop. There are a selection of tools for the head to allow you to tackle a multitude of tasks.

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Huskylens Ai Camera

This is a “vision sensor” that allows for easily recognizing specific things like objects, colors, faces, paterns, and even finger gestures. It looks like a pretty powerful tool to put into the hands of non-coders.

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OpenHak: Open Source Fitness Tracker

the open source health activity kit is a fitness tracker that you can hack and modify all you want. They are proudly secure, meaning that your data just goes directly to your phone and nowhere else.

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