Countdown to Maker Faire: Meet The Makers Part 1

We’re less than two weeks out from Maker Faire, and I’ll be profiling some of the cool crafty things you’ll find there as we countdown to the big event. Here are just a few of the craft makers who will be sharing their cool projects with Maker Faire attendees.
Elaine from Rock n Roll Crafts will be showing off her stenciled tees.

With the use of a heat setting ink and some really cool graphic stencils, I can spray custom t shirts and have them wearable in less than 5 minutes. I work on pre washed cotton t shirts and use stencils from Stencil 1 in Brooklyn. Anybody can choose any image they want, any color from my rainbow of sprays and then I iron for a few minutes…voila! Custom T shirt. This is a great way to pep up an old t shirt or customize a new one. It also works great on canvas shoppers!

Lynne Bruning will be exploring various methods of weaving that incorporate conductive thread and electronics to make your own eTextiles.
Spin with the Spindles and Flyers Folks! “Learn to make your own drop spindle and to spin wool into wonderful yarn. Take home your new yarn or donate it, knitting or weaving your special yarn into the World’s Longest Scarf, benefiting Heifer International.”

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