Couple Speak Creates Havoc, and Eventually, Humor

Sponsored by 3M
3mLogo.jpgIt’s amazing how, when there’s a home improvement project going on, even the best-communicating couples can end up sounding more like an old Abbott & Costello routine. He says, “I can cover that up with a little spackle.” You hear, “I’ve just gouged a huge hole in our ceiling, Honey, and it’s the first of many!”
Usually, it takes a little time and distance for those terse exchanges over the rubble to morph into the funny stories you share at dinner parties. But if you’ve survived some home improvement horrors with your partner, 3M has a way to turn those experiences into cash.
3M is hosting a Couple Speak contest, and looking for funny 2-minute videos that share how your normally-sane relationship descended into hilarious meltdown over, say, the assembly of that bookshelf, or that disastrous search for wall studs. Here’s another sample:

All you need to do is shoot your video, and be sure not to use any 3M products in it. Then, choose a category to add a closing animation from the 3M Facebook page. (You have a choice of five, and each one depicts a 3M product that might have saved you from the miscommunication in your video.) Upload that finished video to the 3M Facebook page, and you’re officially entered.
3M is awarding two lucky entries a $5000.00 cash prize. If you aren’t a video-maker, you can also enter the 3M translation sweepstakes. Write up a funny translation of the statement you see on the page, and 3M will choose a weekly $250.00 winner.
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