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I was invited by Doug Mc Connell, Bay Area Backroads host and TV veteran, to be a part of his series “Life Outside the Box” on his new site OpenRoad.TV. Doug talks to local Bay Area bloggers to find out where they go to get away from the computer. In the first segment of the series, Doug talked to BoingBoing Editor and MAKE Editor-at-Large David Pescovitz with a visit to the curiously fun Musee Mecanique. For me, the walk along the Embarcadero in San Francisco is one I do all the time with my puppy Lulu. It really helps me clear my head to figure out new craft projects and enjoy the bay which has always been a source of my inspiration. So, it’s a bit of the behind the scenes peek at what happens to keep this little o’ site running as well as a little puppy who steals the show. Take a look at the video here on OpenRoad.TV. Link.

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  1. futuregirl says:

    Such a great interview! :) Lulu is amazingly adorable, you’re right.

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