CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style’s Ellen Pants

CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style’s Ellen Pants

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This week’s CRAFT Pattern Podcast from Burda Style is the final piece to create your own signature pant suit. Pair these pants up with the Steffi Jacket and the Franzi Vest, and you’ve got a complete look you’ve made yourself! For additional info on the entire outfit, visit the Steffi, Franzi, and Ellen pant suit page on Burda Style.

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There’s also still time to enter Burda Style’s Design and Pattern Competition! The deadline has been extended to July 15th. There are 2 categories: Design-based competiton and Pattern-based competition, both with cash prizes. Plus there’s nothing to lose! Interesting and creative submissions that didn’t win will still be featured on the site! See which category you fit best by visiting Burda Style for more info. – Link.

2 thoughts on “CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style’s Ellen Pants

  1. Mike Renolds says:

    If you’ve got the body for it the pant suit would look great on a woman. The problem is the average American woman is a size 12. She would not look the same in this. In fact the fashion industry is consistently changing what is considered a certain size for women. Fact, a size 8 dress in 1984 in the US had a 25 inch waist. That same size 8 dress in 2008 would have a measurement of 27.5 inches in the waist.
    It’s nice being a guy, size 34 pants are always size 34 pants.

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