There have been a lot of questions about the logistics of ceasing to print CRAFT Magazine. Here are some frequently asked questions, we hope they help! If you have more, please post them in the comments.

What will happen to my subscription? Can I get a refund?

Subscribers have three options:

  • Have the remaining portion of your unserved subscription substituted with MAKE Magazine.
  • If you’re already a subscriber to MAKE, extend your MAKE subscription by the number of issues yet unserved.
  • Receive a refund for the remaining unserved portion of your subscription.

I received or gave a CRAFT subscription as a gift. What happens now?

All of the above options are available, and if a refund is chosen it will go to the person who purchased the gift.

Who do I contact about my subscription?

You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone at 818-487-2037 or toll-free at 866-368-5652.

Is MAKE next to go?

No, MAKE magazine will continue to be published in print. The decision to discontinue CRAFT in print will benefit MAKE. Based on the increasing convergence of DIY interests, combined with market conditions, we felt it made less sense to grow two DIY publications in print; we decided that consolidation around MAKE, which has a larger circulation, made more sense. The decision will also ultimately benefit CRAFT by growing its audience.

What about the Digital Edition archive?

The CRAFT digital archive is available at We are working on the back-end programming, which will take a little bit of time, but this is the plan:

  • If you are a CRAFT subscriber, you will have access to the entire digital archive of CRAFT (Volumes 1-10) through April 1, 2009, even if you cancel your subscription.
  • If you are a CRAFT subscriber who transfers to MAKE, you will have access to the entire digital archive of CRAFT (Volumes 1-10) through April 1, 2009 or for as long as you are a MAKE subscriber, whichever is longer.

How can I get my hands on back issues of the magazine in print?

Back issues of CRAFT Magazine in print are available in the Maker Shed.

How will the CRAFT Blog and website change?

The CRAFT site will grow to combine its current blog style plus more original content including weekly and bimonthly columns, and tutorials. We hope you’ll stick with us and visit often!

How will CRAFT make any money if it’s only online and free to view?

We will continue to support our web site with online advertising.

Have you thought of offering CRAFT as a print-on-demand publication?

We’re going to be offering new content on a continuous basis, not in the all-at-once format of the print magazine.

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