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On a recent trip to San Francisco, some friends and I impulsively went out and got tattooed–and naturally, a couple of us chose crafty themes (you can see them here). This got me wondering about other crafters who have decided to make their love of needle and thread a permanent, ink-on-flesh kinda thing. Turns out there are a lot of them! Pictured above is a sweet yarn pinup from Flickr user KitchenAidCrusader. Below we have Heidi Kenney (My Paper Crane) and her retro “Homemaker” tattoo (photo by Faythe Levine), and HeatherJeany’s nicely-inked embroidery scissors. Got a crafty tattoo of your own? Leave a comment, we’d love to see ’em.


• KitchenAidCrusader on Flickr – Link.
• MyPaperCrane on Flickr – Link.
• HeatherJeany on Flickr – Link.
• “Tattoo Your Towels” transfers by Sublime Stitching – Link.

22 thoughts on “Crafty Tats

  1. E_to_the_M says:

    There are a lot of knitting tats out there too, some can be found here and there’s a tat group on Ravelry.

  2. SpookyDaddy says:

    Here’s mine

  3. erilii says:

    I do! This is mine.

  4. danilion says:

    here’s mine — it says SAY IT AIN’T SEW
    danilion flickr

  5. knitstuff says:

    mine’s more culinary than crafty, but as cooking is an art & craft…

  6. flyingfish says:

    Jenny it’s almost creepy. I was making a flyer to collect images of crafty tattoos to maybe be a part of Handmade Nation credits (thought it would be cool to show how devoted our generation is to craft) and what do I stumble upon posted just yesterday but this thread!!
    So HERE is my crafty tattoo that I got 10 years ago (10 years what the heck?!).
    I’ll post a link to the flyer when it’s done!

  7. JBirren says:

    I should be in the kitchen!
    I love this one… this was done by one of the girls at LA Ink, my very favorite show.

  8. cassinator says:

    This post inspired me to get [this] last night!

  9. FeltClub says:

    That is so awesome Cassinator!
    Everyone’s tattoos are so inspiring and cool…thanks for posting!!

  10. carrieoke13 says:

    I have a knitting tattoo!
    Here’s a picture.
    And a close-up.

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