Create Teeny Tiny Solar Robots – Make: Video Podcast


This weekend, make little teeny tiny robots called beambots that are powered by the sun! In the podcast, I made the solar-roller, and the instructions for that are right in the PDF!

I also made a beambot from a kit. Kits are always a good way to break into a genre of making. Both and have some nice kits for you to get started, including the one that I bought. If you get into it, make sure to pick up JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels, a book worth reading if you get into making little teeny tiny robots!

One of the great things about these little bots is that you can make them from scavenged materials. Use parts from broken electronics and bring them back to life as little robots!

This week we’re excited to welcome Microchip as a sponsor of the weekend video podcast. You can check out the clickable ad at end of today’s video and companion PDF. Help support MAKE and visit our sponsor Microchip!

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