Cubelets + Legos = Family Fun!


Here in the Maker Shed, we love Cubelets! These magnetic robot building blocks snap together and don’t require any programming, making it easy for anyone to build their own robotic creation. What could be more fun? How about making Cubelets work with building sets you already own?

The newly released Brick Adapter Pack includes 4 adapters to make Cubelets Lego compatible for a whole new world of interactive projects. The folks at ModRobotics took the time to get things right; they put extra work into getting the spacing and “feel” to make the integration seem completely natural. Want a set? To celebrate the release of the new adapter, we are including a set free with the purchase the Cubelets Starter Kit or Cubelets Standard Kit from now until the end of the year.

We’ve also expanded our line of Cubelets products. Head over to the Maker Shed to see everything we have to offer.

0 thoughts on “Cubelets + Legos = Family Fun!

  1. elizabeth hoban says:

    that is cool

    1. elizabeth hoban says:

      its cool being with ur famliy and makeing things kinda like famliy game night
      + they are coast 100 to 200 dallors we all dont have that kinda money

  2. elizabeth hoban says:

    hello taylor

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