Design Your Own “Makey” Robot, Win A Lifetime Subscription!

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Design Your Own “Makey” Robot, Win A Lifetime Subscription!

We absolutely love our little robot mascot, affectionately dubbed “Makey”. We especially love seeing all the variations that people have created out there in the world. To that end, we are launching a contest where you design your own Makey, and you could win a lifetime subscription among other prizes.





The contest

Create your own Makey robot by 3d printing or any other method. Make it your own, but keep it recognizable as Makey. Share your results on and on social media. Even if your Makey is a miserable failure, share that too! We’re including a category for that.

The rules:

  • Your robot should be recognizeable as Makey.
  • It has to be articulated in some way (something has to be able to move)
  • You have to post your build on and add @makemagazine as a collaborator.
  • Share your Makey on social media with #maketogether
  • Entries must be completed by Friday June 12
  • No limit to entries, make as many different Makeys as you want!


We will select 5 winners from the following categories. 

  • Most accurate
  • Biggest Fail
  • Most unique
  • Best engineered
  • Best 9 and under (paper, coloring,crafts)


Each winner will receive:

  • lifetime sub to magazine
  • digital subscription
  • swag bag full of Make swag






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