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Watch the Highlights from Detroit Maker Faire

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Watch the Highlights from Detroit Maker Faire

Maker Faire Detroit was incredible this year. Located at The Henry Ford museum, there were so many cool things to see, both as part of the museum and part of the Maker Faire. This year we were trying out a new method of streaming video coverage from the Faire by partnering up with Twitch.TV. Below you’ll find highlights from Sunday at Maker Faire Detroit, and if you want to find all of the streams (plus some other cool twitch streams we’re doing, like interviews with awesome makers) go to our Twitch channel.

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Dorit Chrysler and her theremin

Listen as Dorit Chrysler plays hauntingly beautiful theremin music and talks about her experiences as well as the instrument itself.

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If you don’t get a chance to see Megabots in person, this will give you a taste of what it is like.

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Power Racing Series Endurance Race

A very long and fun race where the cars literally race till they die. much fewer complete the endurance race than begin it.

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Walking and talking in the I3 Detroit tent

I walked around and talked to people at the Faire. It is always great to hear them explain what they are making and what they are seeing while they’re there. I especially enjoyed finding a random pug mask!

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Eepy Bird and the Diet Coke and Mentos show

It is always great to finish the day with some Eepybird! These guys have been doing the diet coke and mentos show for 10 years and still manage to keep it fun and interesting. I’m always bewildered by the amount of kids that want to get soaked in diet coke.

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Circuit Bending presentation

Learn how to make your own circuit bent instruments.

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Power Racing Series Sprint race

The super exciting sprint races! Gotta go fast!

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Skype with an Astronaut

In a skype call, Dr. Kjell Lindgren talks about what it is like to be an astronaut.

Here’s the crazy part of all these videos, this was just Sunday! We don’t have Saturday cut up into easily labelled sections like this, but if you want to check it out, here is the video from Saturday.

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Saturday’s Live Feed

Here’s a loose timeline of the highlights of this feed. Enjoy!

  • 12 min MegaBots – with an interview!
  • 1:16 Wave Extinguisher
  • 1:40 Learn to solder
  • 2:15 Innovation garage
  • 2:41 power tool racing
  • 2:46 walking around and talking to people
  • 3:05 Detroit Flower House
  • 3:55 R2 D2 builders club, then walking around exploring the Faire
  • 4:50 Power Wheels Racing Series
  • 5:55 Theremins and walking and exploring the Faire
  • 6:26 Power Wheels Racing Series
  • 6:55 Eeepy Bird. The feed died right before their full performance but you can hear the educational part of their talk.
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